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Author: shelbyloveshayden
Created: February 15, 2011
Taken: 204 times
Rated: G

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Strawberry Cheesecake? Yummm. (:

Created by shelbyloveshayden and taken 204 times on Bzoink
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You own an ipod touch:
You are still in highschool:
You are single:
Youre a girl:
Your parents are divorced:
You have a younger sister:
You have an older brother:
Your favorite color is blue:
You love strawberry cheesecake:
You own more than one pair of converse:
Youve shopped at hottopic:
You live in a small town:
You are currently on a laptop:
You have a pet cat:
Youve had a baby:
You dont ever drink soda:
You have your license:
You have been arrested:
Youve never been pulled over:
You have a job:
You wish you had more money:
You have more than one best friend:
You are currently listenting to music:
You dont smoke:
You have something pierced besides your ears:
You have a tattoo:
Youve given blood before:
Youve tried drugs:
Youre scared of heights:
You live with your parents:
Youre hair is currently in a pontail:
Youre eyes are blue:
You are currently wearing something yellow:
Youre wearing socks:
Youre good at basketball:
You know how to change a tire:
You do your own laundry:
You have braces:
You text alot:
You own an Xbox 360:
Youre allergic to peanuts:
You eat at Mcdonalds frequently:
You weigh less than 140 pounds:
You have a pool in your backyard:
Your name starts with T:
Youre older than 15:
You do surveys because youre bored:
You always skip breakfast:
You usually arrive early to events:
You like to dance:
You know how to ride a bike:
You like to read:
You watch Teen Mom:
You hate reading in front of big crowds:
Youve never been drunk:
Youre a virgin:
You have been to a rock concert:
You took a bath today:
You hate running:
You watch alot of tv:
You have a facebook:
You dislike peas:
You dont have many friends:
You have colorful socks:
Thunderstorm or Snowstorm?
Glazed Donut or Jelly Filled Donut?
Eggs or Bacon?
Sweet or Sour?
Mountain Dew or Sundrop?
School or Church?
Dollars or Cents?
Jeans or Sweats?
Carpet or Hardwood Floor?
Mcdonalds or Wendys?
Koolaid or Tea?
Penguins or Flamingos?
The Mall or The Zoo?
Piercings or Tattoos?
Driving or Walking?
Text or Call?
History or English?
Read or Write?
Laptop or Desktop?
Eat or Drink?
Redbull or Monster?
Crayons or Colored Pencils?
Horror Movies or Comedy Movies?
Smiling or Laughing?
Valentines Day or The 4rth of July?
Christmas or Halloween?
Myspace or Facebook?
Necklaces or Bracelets?
Converse or Vanz?
Questions or Answers?
Yes or No?
Gushers or Fruit Roll Ups?
Muffins or Cupcakes?
Olives or Grapes?
Fruits or Vegetables?
Handsome or Hot?
English or Spanish?
Lost or Found?
Truth or Dare?
Red or Orange?
Draw or Color?
Full or Empty?
1 or 2?
Babies or Toddlers?
Teens or Adults?
Drinking or Smoking?
Gold or Silver?
Ipod or Cellphone?
Mom or Dad?
This or That- In A Guy:
Blonde or Brunnette?
Tall or Short?
Cute or Hot?
Slim or Average?
Green Eyes or Brown Eyes?
Piercings or None?
Tattoos or None?
Older or Younger?
Facial Hair or None?
Punk or Preppy?
Nice Stomach or Nice Arms?
Nice Eyes or Nice Lips?
Nice Hair or Nice Hands?
Nice Smile or Nice Laugh?
Romantic or Not?
Trouble Maker or Laid Back?
Shy or Outgoing?
Nice or Mean?
Can You?...
Do laundry?
Make yourself cry?
Count backwards from 100?
Read a book in a day?
Last missed call?
Last person to text you?
Last thing you drank?
Last food you ate?
Last place you went besides home?
Last car you drove?
Last thing you spent money on?
Last color you dyed your hair?
Last person to insult you?
Last person you yelled at?
Last person you kissed?
Last person you hugged?
Last person to give you a gift?
Last birthday party you attended?