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Author: rawrmeansiloveyou
Created: November 20, 2011
Taken: 152 times
Rated: PG

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Baby you and I (Are we alike?)

Created by rawrmeansiloveyou and taken 152 times on Bzoink
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You are a female
You are sixteen
You are still in high school
You can play the piano
You listen to music a lot
You have blonde hair
You have blue eyes
You are taken
You hate the winter
You get along well with your family
You get good grades
You enjoy photography
You can sing
You are a funny person
You prefer showers
You like caprisun's
You always have your nails painted
You play lacross
You play some type of sport
You can sing
You love mangos
You still watch cartoons
Your favorite holiday is Christmas
You are bored
You have a friend named Andrew
You have a friend named Chelsey
You've been drunk
You've been high
You are Italian
You are Irish
You've moved to a different state
You've been kissed in the past month
You are not a virgin
Your favorite season is summer
You enjoy tanning
You are very organized
You love Nutella
One of your favorite classic movies is The Lion King
You are friendly
You take naps
You typically have a busy schedule
You've been cheated on
You want your belly pierced
You have a cat
You love animals
You like watching football
You dad is a teacher
You wish this survey was done