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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: June 8, 2012
Taken: 361 times
Rated: PG

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This Or That ABCs! [Long]

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 361 times on Bzoink
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Cats or Dogs?
Hamsters or Gerbils?
Fish or Birds?
Polar Bear or Grizzly Bear?
Lions or Tigers?
Giraffes or Elephants?
Dolphins or Sharks?
What's your favorite animal?
Harry Potter or Twilight?
The Hunger Games or LOTR?
The Host or Eragon?
House of Night or The Immortals?
Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet?
Perks of Being a Wallflower or To Kill A Mockingbird?
Holes or Anne of Green Gables?
What is your favorite book? Or do you not even like reading?
Red or Orange?
Yellow or Green?
Dark blue or Aqua?
Purple or Pink?
Black or White?
Gray or Brown?
Neon Colors or Dark Colors?
What's your favorite color(s)?
Pepsi or Coke?
Sprite or Sierra Mist?
Dr. Pepper or Root Beer?
Hot Tea or Iced Tea?
Hot Coco or Coffee?
Beer or Wine?
Whiskey or Vodka?
Do you drink alcohol at all?
Baseball or Tennis?
Soccer or Football?
Swimming or Running?
Weightlifting or Treadmill?
Skating or Biking?
Volleyball or Lacrosse?
Dancing or Gymnastics?
What's your favorite way to exercise?
Italian food or Mexican food?
Chinese food or Indian food?
Greek food or American food?
Hotdogs or Hamburgers?
Pasta or Pizza?
Cake or Pie?
Fruits or Vegatables?
What's your favorite food?
Genres of Music
Alternative or Indie?
Pop or Rock?
Jazz or Classical?
HipHop/Rap or R&B?
Metal or Screamo?
Techno or Electronic?
Country or Oldies?
What's your favorite genre of music?
Singing or Dancing?
Sports or Videogames?
Drawing or Painting?
Acting or Photography?
Cooking or Baking?
Reading or Writing?
TV or Computer?
What are your hobbies?
Butterflies or Moths?
Roly Polys or Ladybugs?
Spiders or Ants?
Caterpillars or Worms?
Scorpions or Tarantulas?
Bees or Wasps?
Gnats or Mosquitos?
Do you hate bugs?
Doctor or Lawyer?
Writer or Artist?
Musician or Actor?
Athlete or Photographer?
Hairdresser or Waiter?
Secretary or Teacher?
Firefighter or Cop?
What is your dream job?
Public School or Private School?
Online School or Actual Classrooms?
Stay In School or Dropout?
Preschool or Elementary School?
Middle School or High School?
College or Grad School?
School or Work?
Do you even like school?
American or French?
Spanish or Italian?
Chinese or Japanese?
German or Russian?
Hebrew or Arabic?
Sign Language or Latin?
Portugese or Esperanto?
What language(s) do you speak?
Movie Genres
Action or Comedy?
Comedy or Drama?
Drama or Foreign?
Foreign or Horror?
Horror or Indie?
Indie or Romance?
Romance or SciFi?
Beach or Desert?
Arctic or Savannah?
Forest or Jungle?
Ocean or Lake?
Trees or Flowers?
Grass or Sand?
Mountains or Island?
What is the prettiest part of nature to you?
Opposite Sex
Hugs or Kisses?
Face or Body?
Looks or Personality?
Good Guy/Girl or Bad Boy/Girl?
Sex or Cuddling?
Eyes or Smile?
Funny or Serious?
What do you look for in a guy/girl?
USA or UK?
Mexico or Canada?
France or Spain?
Italy or Greece?
Israel or Iraq?
China or Japan?
Africa or South America?
Where have you always wanted to visit/live?
Questions of Opinions..
Boys or Girls?
Gay or Straight?
Abortions or No?
War or No?
Democrat or Republican?
Religious or No?
Optomist or Pessimist?
While I'm being random, what's your name!? :D
Randomness Again!
Sleeping or Eating?
Movies or TV Shows?
Xbox or Playstation?
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Scene Kids or Preppy People?
Pikachu or Hello Kitty?
Paramore or Finding Clarity? (Look them up if you don't know them)
What's your favorite band(s)?
Zac Efron or Justin Bieber?
Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson?
Ian Somerhalder or Paul Wesley?
Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt?
Emma Stone or Natalie Portman?
Kristen Stewart or Emma Watson?
Lady Gaga or Katy Perry?
TV Shows
Vampire Diaries or True Blood?
American Idol or The Voice?
Lost or Charmed?
Secret Life Of The American Teenager or Kyle XY?
House or Psyche?
MTV or ABC Family?
Disney or Nickelodeon?
What are your favorite TV shows?
Ur mom!
Your mom jokes or That's what she said jokes?
Christmas or Hanukkah?
Halloween or Thanksgiving?
Easter or Passover?
New Years or July 4th?
Valentines Day or St. Patty's Day?
Fuck or Shit?
Do you even cuss or no?
Car or Truck?
Minivan or SUV?
Train or Bus?
Plane or Boat?
Bike or Motorcycle?
Scooter or Skateboard?
Ferrari or Lamborghini?
What's your dream car?
Woot! We're almost done here!
Super speed or Super strength?
Mind Reading or Invisibility?
Flying or X-Ray Vision?
Time Travel or Having Visions?
Captain America or Iron Man?
Batman or Spiderman?
The Hulk or Superman?
Did you like The Avengers movie?
X Is An Interesting Letter
A or B?
E or F?
I or J?
M or N?
R or S?
T or W?
X or Z?
Oh hey! How old are you? o.o
January or February?
March or April?
May or June?
July or August?
September or October?
November or December?
December or January?
When's your birthday?
Okay fine... bye!