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Author: macro
Created: June 15, 2012
Taken: 318 times
Rated: G

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Like deja vu I think that I've been here. [[ Hey you! Are we alike ? ]]

Created by macro and taken 318 times on Bzoink
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Feel free to friend me if you think that we are alike. (:
Answer true or false.
Your best subject in school is English and/or Foreign Language.
You can lick your elbow.
You can play Sims 3 for hours.
You love animals.
You have a boyfriend.
You generally do well in school.
You love the Japanese language and culture.
You have blue eyes.
You look more like your dad than your mom.
You have a brother and a sister.
You are the oldest child.
You absolutely adore coconut.
You are lactose intolerant.
You want to major in something Psychology related.
You like to volunteer.
You love to write poetry.
It is hard for you to translate your feelings into words.
You find it hard to keep secrets.
You weigh less than 115 pounds.
You are 5'6 or taller.
You prefer to shop at small boutiques than big name brands.
Some people consider you a hippie.
However, you don't smoke or do drugs.
You've never touched alcohol and don't plan to.
Your parents are divorced.
You've been cheated on before.
You're not very athletic.
When ordering a drink at a restaurant, you usually choose water.
You obsess over your grades.
You're tired a lot but can never seem to sleep in.
You know basic HTML.
Your hair never seems to cooperate with you.
You hardly have any pictures of yourself on Facebook.
You've been outside of your home country more than once.
You don't do anything to your hair that could damage it (ex: straightening)
You've had braces before.
You'll need braces (again).
You're introverted.
Your teachers usually love you.
You don't like most modern pop songs.
You prefer classic rock music to rap.
Your lucky number is a two-digit number.
You prefer to be independent.
You feel safe when you are in the car.
You are terrible at cooking, though you'd like to learn.
You have fed the homeless before.
You are in love with somebody who loves you back.
You get panic attacks.