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Author: iloveyoulikenoother
Created: April 6, 2013
Taken: 107 times
Rated: G

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Created by iloveyoulikenoother and taken 107 times on Bzoink
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What's your favourite food to cook?
Are you the main cook in your house?
Do you eat by yourself or with others?
What's the biggest thing in your fridge/cupboards?
What food/meal do you have the most often?
What is the strangest thing you eat?
Is there a television in your kitchen?
Do you eat in your kitchen or a dining room?
Living room
What is your favourite thing to do in your living room?
How many people can sit down in your living room?
How many pictures are there hanging up?
Is it the cosiest room of the house?
Do you have a fireplace in your living room?
Have you ever made a den in your living room?
Do you ever eat in there?
Are there bookshelves in your living room?
How long do you take in the bathroom each morning?
Do you have a normal or electrical toothbrush?
Do you prefer taking baths or showers?
What colour are the walls in your bathroom?
What is your favourite shampoo/conditioner?
Do you have your own towel, or do you use any you can find?
Does your bath have legs, or is it built into the ground?
Does your shower have a plastic curtain or door?
Do you have your own bedroom, or do you share it?
Do you have posters on your bedroom walls?
How long has this room been your bedroom?
Is that enough time for a lot of junk to accumulate there?
What is the view from your bedroom window?
What size bed do you have?
Does your duvet/blanket match the rest of your room?
What colour are your curtains/blinds?
Is your attic used for storing old things?
Is there lots of that strange fluff in your attic?
How do you get into your attic? Is there a ladder?
Would you be scared to sleep up there?
What sort of things would you find in this room?
Are there any mice or bats in your attic?
Does the attic have any windows?
How often do you go in your attic?
Do you work in your study, or somewhere else?
Are there lots of books in your study?
How many pens do you think you could find in this room?
Do you find it easier to work by yourself or with others?
Are you a kinaesthetic learner?
Does listening to music make it easier or harder for you to study?
How much work do you do outside school or your job?
How do you revise for tests?
How big is your garden?
Do you have/want a trampoline in your garden?
What is the nastiest creature your can find?
Do you grow any fruit or vegetables?
How many trees are there?
Do you go in your garden often?
Do you have a shed?
Do you enjoy gardening, or do you have a gardener?
Do you keep your car(s) in a garage or out on the street?
What colour is the garage door?
How many cars do you/your family own?
What would be your dream car to drive?
Have you ever been in a car crash?
What is your least favourite colour for a car?
Can you drive yet?
What is your most common mode of transport?