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Author: kwillmon
Created: April 14, 2013
Taken: 121 times
Rated: G

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alike   are we alike  

Are we alike?

Created by kwillmon and taken 121 times on Bzoink
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answer yes, no, explain, I don't care :) just answer
you're from a very small town
you love animals
psychology interests you
you were born in '93
you like bright colors
you play the Sims
you're really good at guitar hero
you prefer to wear sweatpants
your idol is your grandpa
you don't have any full-blood siblings
usually, you enjoy alone time
you are sentimental
you're more of a listener
you're afraid of crickets
you prefer calling someone over texting
you generally get along with everyone
you use hand lotion compulsively
you never really belonged to any "clique"
you hate seafood
you have one or two best friends rather than many friends
your family means the world to you
you don't have a favorite genre of music
you're not much of a risk taker
your life would seem boring to others
but you enjoy your life anyway :)