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Author: alexjw
Created: June 16, 2013
Taken: 142 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? (are we alike)

Created by alexjw and taken 142 times on Bzoink
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you're 16.
you are not from North America/Europe.
you're not considered skinny, but you're not fat either.
you listen mostly to indie music.
you wear a particular ring every day.
you have recently been sunburned.
you have a younger brother.
your parents are still together.
you have never been kissed.
you have never been on a date.
you hate most people at your school.
you have a Tumblr.
you visit Bzoink often to take surveys.
you do not drink or smoke.
your parents are overprotective.
you have a smart phone.
you eat way too much.
you always have at least 10 tabs open on your Internet browser.
you collect pictures from Tumblr.
you are left handed.
your favorite author writes crime/thriller/mystery novels.
you go to church every Sunday.
you have never broken a bone.
you have an iPod Touch/Nano/Shuffle.
you own an iPad/Kindle.
you still have a few of those rubber bracelets with sayings on them.
you have been through a lot of "friend drama."
you know someone that continuously acts cute for attention.
you actually like to read.
you are a Potterhead.
you have never read the Twilight series, but you've seen the movies.
you find Benedict Cumberbatch attractive.
you have never read The Hunger Games, but you know the general theme.
you live in an apartment in a big city.
you have spent several weeks in a middle-of-nowhere rural area.
you hate being late for anything.
you suck ass at starting homework before midnight.
you have a few close friends rather than a wide circle of acquaintances.
you've had bad luck with earphones. (losing them, breaking them, etc)
you play an instrument.
you've never truly filled up an entire notebook.
you've never fully used up an eraser.
your favorite food is Italian.
you've tried Indian food before, and loved it.
you spend ages picking out clothes to wear.
you wash your hair in the shower first.
you know a language besides English.
you sometimes get random "pissed off" moods.
you will never turn down a bite of ice cream.
you don't like Hawaiian pizza.
you have been to/lived in New York City.
you prefer the East Coast over the West Coast.
you have slept for almost 24 hours straight.
you don't get sick often.
you're unhappy with the way you look.
you have a friend that used to be/still is depressed/suicidal.
you love fruits AND vegetables.
your favorite fruit is apple.
you have a Macbook.
you go to a school with lots of couples.
you know who Savannah Montano is.
you have an unhealthy obsession with Joseph Gordon Levitt.
you have a very messy desk.
you tend to leave your clothes out all day.
you play a lot of Temple Run.
you like the Chicken Soup For The Soul books.
you have managed to pull off a good grade for what you didn't study for.
you have never pulled an all-nighter.
your favorite subject in school is Psychology.
you plan to go to college in the U.S, or stay in the U.S if you're there.
you have at least one strange/unusual pet peeve.
you're athletic but not many people know it.
you have 2000+ songs in your iTunes.
you sometimes dwell too much on the past.
you have failed a test before.