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About This Survey

Author: seashellhippy23
Created: October 5, 2013
Taken: 119 times
Rated: PG

-Good Morning, Get Your Coffee, Get Going-

Created by seashellhippy23 and taken 119 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever been served breakfast in bed?
What is the most challenging meal you have ever cooked?
Are you one to approach others, or let them approach you first?
When was the last time you took painkillers?
Have you ever picked flowers out of someone else's garden without asking?
Who did you give them to, or did you keep them for yourself?
What is your favorite thing to do as a little kid?
Are holidays as fun for you now as they were when you were younger?
Do you fin non-fiction to be boring?
Are you a punctual person? Or are you always late?
Do you own a thesaurus? Do you actually use it?
What is the longest essay or research paper you have written?
Do you ever write your own short stories?
Have you ever won money by entering a contest/raffle?
Have you ever lost something very valuable?
Have you ever lost something with a lot of sentimental value?
Have you ever been close to drowning?
Have you ever had a panic attack?
What stores do you go into when you go to mall?
Do you ever stop to eat in the food court?
Do you find it easy to relate to other people?
Who is your favorite philosopher?
What is your favorite song to sing?
Do you consciously try to be unique, or do you just be you?
Do you worry about being judged by other people?
If someone doesn't like you, do you usually want to know the reason?
When was the last time you told someone something really important?
Have you ever lost a large amount of money?
Have you ever tried to blame something you did on someone else?
Did that person get in trouble, or did the plan fail?
What is the weirdest hairstyle you have ever had?
Describe the ugliest pair of shoes you own?
How many times a day do you look in the mirror? For how long?
Are you ashamed to leave the house when not looking your best?
If you are antisocial, WHY are you that way?
Are you modest?
What is your favorite singer?
If you could relive one day from last year, what day would it be? Why?
What is something that you are afraid to fail at?
What would happen if you did fail at it?
Do you ever worry about your loved ones dying?
What is the cutest thing a guy could do for a girl?
Stuffed animals--immature, or should everyone have one?
What do you like in your breakfast burritos?
What restaurant would you choose to go to for breakfast?
How much money do you think you cost your parents?
Do you have good hand/eye coordination?
Can you do a flip on a trampoline?
Do you remember the last time you climbed a tree?
Did you ever lie on your back and pick shapes out of clouds as a kid?
Do you watch any Japanese anime?
Is there a foreign culture you are interested in learning more about?
Do you let your emotions get the best of you in a fight?
Do you know anyone who's reputation has recently been ruined?
When did you first get a cellphone?
Do you have your own laptop computer?
How about your own digital computer?
Do you drive your own car, or your parents?
Say something inappropriate?
What were you doing before you started taking this survey?
Describe the best summer you ever had?
Do you eat any meat other than turkey on Thanksgiving?
Did you attend a pre-school?
Do you remember what it was like to learn to count to 100?
What is something you lost in the process of growing up?
Do you wear any wristbands? If so, what's on them?
What was the last picture you were in?
Did you have required reading material in high-school?
Do you keep your room organized?
Do you vacuum daily?
How many board games do you own?
Own any books?
Recently checked any books out from the library?
Does your cat give you kitty kisses?
Whats in your make-up bags?