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Author: tia8frank99
Created: July 18, 2014
Taken: 120 times
Rated: G

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this or that 80 questions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 girls only

Created by tia8frank99 and taken 120 times on Bzoink
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food and drinks!
pizza or cheese sandwich?
ice cream or cake?
hotdog or fried chicken?
tea or lemonade?
sprite or rootbeer?
dr.pepper or pepsi?
mountain dew or cocacola?
turkey or bacon?
eggs or oatmeal?
pancakes or waffles?
cereal with milk or without milk?
sierra mist or orange fanta?
veggies or fruits?
pickles or cucumbers
tv shows!
icarly or victorious?
drake and josh or zoey 101?
haunted hathaways or the thundermans?
figure it out or web heads?
sponge bob or fairly oddparents
jessie or shake it up?
good luck charlie or ant farm?
austin and ally or dog with a blog?
the hunger games or diary of a wimpy kid?
malifecent or oz the great and powerful?
frozen or brave?
earth to echo or rio 2?
high school music 2 or high school musical 3?
justice or choles?
target or walmart?
publix or kmart?
micheals or hobby lobby?
jcpenny or belks?
reasturants !
mcdonalds or burger king?
i hop or bobevans?
outback or chillies?
sunnys or olive garden
steak n shake or red lobsters?
minneola grill or cracker barrel?
swim or gymnastics?
dance or sing?
color or draw?
shop or get money?
hang out with a friend or have a fun day with your mom?
call your bffs or text?
watch a movie or listen to your favorite cd?
fun in the rain or fun in the sun?
to the beach or travel to japan?
travel to hollywood or new york city?
have a sleepover or facetime each other at night?
invite your bff to the movies or to sky zone?
play on the computer or your phone?
chill out in the sun with soda? or chill out with lemonade?
lemonade or pink lemonade?
listen to your i pod or watch a video on youtube
go one youtube or facetime?
watch tv with your mom or watch tv with your dad?
would you rather?
eat or drink!
have pizza for dinner or have ice cream for dessert?
write in your diary or make a scrapbook?
buy some shoes or buys some adorable outfits?
get money or a gift card?
get a boyfriend or have a friend thats a boy?
get a cupcake or some pie?
eat the cream in the oreo or the top and bottom?
eat a snow cone or get a popsicle?
eat watermellon or blue berries?
get a magazine in your mail or a postcard from a friend living far away?
stay up late at night or sleep late in the morning?
be interviewed or interview someone else
meet your favorite celeberty or meet obamas wife
be a cat for 1 day or a dog for 1day?
have today be christmas or your birthday?
kiss a boy or date a boy?