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Author: joybucket
Created: April 28, 2016
Taken: 51 times
Rated: PG

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Have you ever (confessions)

Created by joybucket and taken 51 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever....
had a crush
felt jealous of a friend
felt jealous of someone who wronged you
been in love with someone you never talked to
felt miserable
felt embarrassed
written in a diary
cried yourself to sleep
thought you didn't look good unless you had make-up on
had a huge zit on your face
written a love poem
kissed someone at a school dance
really felt alive
snuck out of your house
beat yourself up over a stupid decision you made
had low self-esteem
cut yourself
ate food for comfort
sat still for too long
stood up to a bully
let someone walk on you
let someone walk on you and regretted it later
raised awareness about a cause that was important to you
been bullied
been abused
ran away
dreamt of running away
attempted suicide
contemplated suicide
gotten naked in front of a friend
skinny dipped
gone to a restaurant late at night
laid on your back under the stars
wrote a letter to yourself to open in ten years
felt sick on your birthday
accidentally emailed someone the name of your crush
accidentally announced your crush to the whole school
worn a toga to school
bled through your pants
slipped and fell in public
slipped and fell on ice
wet your pants in public
threw up in public
threw up in a public bathroom
ate so much chocolate you made yourself sick
ate so much (of anything) you made yourself sick
thought you looked fat
thought you looked ugly
believed you were stupid
believed you were unlovable
felt unloved
felt lonely
felt violated
felt neglected
felt hurt
felt scared
felt terrified
worried that you would become homeless
been homeless
fallen down the stairs
slept with a stuffed animal
played with Barbies
played with dolls
collected stamps
tried playing an instrument and hated it
tried playing a sport and hated it
given your life to Jesus
attended a prayer meeting
had someone lay hands on and pray for you
been blessed by someone's prayer over you
said a prayer for someone else
prayed out loud
prayed in your head
cast a spell
posted your secrets on the Internet
shared your secrets on bzoink
shared your secrets on facebook for all your friends to see
picked at your chapped lips
hidden something from someone
felt shy
stole something
cheated on a test
cheated on someone
had someone cheat on you
had surgery
been in the hospital
had an allergy test
been in a car accident
thought about your high school years and felt sad
missed high school
been afraid to let someone see the real you
been afraid to let anyone see the real you
not been able to trust anyone
had your heart broken
done drugs
smoked pot
got drunk
been to a revival service
been to youth group
felt lonely at youth group
been on a camping trip
had a crush on someone of the same gender
questioned your sexuality
questioned whether something was right or wrong
questioned God's existence
questioned your gender
questioned whether something you read online was true or not
spread a rumor
started a rumor
started a trend
received a compliment
been insulted
changed your name
wanted to change your name
hated your middle name
hated your first name
hated your last name
fed a food you didn't want to eat to your dog
stayed up past midnight
stayed up all night