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Author: joybucket
Created: July 25, 2016
Taken: 48 times
Rated: PG

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Have you ever #7

Created by joybucket and taken 48 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever....
seen a ghost
seen an angel
seen a demon
seen a shooting star
performed a miracle
witness a miracle
felt the presence of God
been filled with the joy of the Lord
been baptized in the Holy Spirit
had a nightmare
dreamed something and then it happened
thought something and then it happened
had a premonition
learned your intuition was trustworthy
hardly known someone but wished you could be their friend
had someone you hardly know be mean to you, but still wished you could...
..be their friend
had your emotions change abruptly
held in your anger and later wished you hadn't
held in your anger and later were glad you did, because you would have...
..said something mean
missed a perfect opportunity
...and beat yourself up about it later
had trouble letting go of your past
suffered from regret
felt truly alive
felt truly alive during worship at church
felt the presence of an angel
read a book multiple times because you liked it so much
made a list of baby names you like
thought about what you would name your future child
thought about how you would plan your wedding
planned a wedding on Pinterest
made a "Dream House" board on Pinterest
done a craft you saw on Pinterest
choreographed a dance
danced in the rain
made a bucket list
checked items off a bucket list
decided you didn't want to be limited to a bucket list
walked in the rain
rode your bike in the rain
had a magical first kiss
had a magical kiss, even if it wasn't your first
read a book with a character in it that you could really relate to
been miraculously healed of something
had a crush on someone
been in love with someone you weren't dating
experienced love/infatuation/lust/attraction or whatever you want to call..
..it at first sight
taken a huge risk
stepped out of your comfort zone when you were terrified to do so
...but were later very glad you did
shared a secret with a friend
cried on someone's shoulder
felt you were living a lifeless life
felt full of joy
received revelation from God
had an epiphany
heard Jesus speak
had a conversation with Jesus
gave your life to Jesus
been baptized
stayed up all night praying
gotten up early to watch a sunrise
questioned God's existence
tried to kill yourself
thought about killing yourself
wished you would die
..because you were in so much pain
jumped off a cliff
ridden a roller coaster
wanted to be a writer
wanted to be a painter
wanted to be a photographer
wanted to be a teacher
wanted to be a doctor or nurse
wanted to be a politician
wanted to be a mom
wanted to be a lawyer
wanted to be an actress or actor
wanted to be a model
wanted to be a professional athlete
wanted to be a vet
wanted to be an astronuat
gotten married
got engaged
proposed to someone
gone wedding dress shopping
listened to a song on repeat because you liked it so much
said something you wished you could take back
not said something and wished you had
stood up to a bully
been bullied
blocked someone on facebook
reported someone on facebook
unfriended someone on facebook
stalked your crush on facebook
thought that your life was going by way too fast
realized you owned way too many clothes