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Author: joybucket
Created: September 1, 2017
Taken: 32 times
Rated: G

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Created by joybucket and taken 32 times on Bzoink
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You celebrate Halloween.
Fall is your favorite season.
You've dressed up as a Disney princess.
You've walked through a haunted house.
...and been scared.
...and wet your pants.
...and screamed.
...and cried.
You've dressed up as an alien.
You've dressed up as a witch.
The fruity candies in your Halloween basket are your favorite.
Bubblegum is your least favorite Halloween candy.
You love the smell of the leaves!
You are allergic to the mold in the leaves.
The leaves change colors where you live.
You don't like to touch slimy pumpkin guts.
You've worn a mask (literally).
You've worn a mask (figuratively).
You love it when it's 60 degrees!
You love it when the leaves change colors!!!!
You like the red trees better than the brown ones.
You've gone camping in the fall.
You like caramel apple cider.
You've been to a cider mill.
You've walked through a corn maze.
You've carved a pumpkin.
You like multi-colored trees the best.
You've found a maple leaf as big as your face.
You think your house is haunted.
You've seen a spirit.
You think your friend may be an alien.
Sometimes you feel invisible.
You wonder why angels aren't talked about as much as demons.
You like to watch horror movies.
You like to go to football games.
You like chai lattes.
You like candy corn.
You've never been to a Halloween party.
You've been to a Halloween dance.
You like to dress up on Crazy Day.
Your school celebrates Homecoming Week.
You've dressed up as a clown.
You've dressed up as a pirate.
You own fairy wings.
You own a magic wand.
You like apple and pumpkins and skeletons and tombstones and fake cobwebs.
You've been to a cemetery at night.
You own a cape.
You've worn a cape.
You've dressed up as a character from your favorite novel.
You've dressed up as a character from a movie.
You've never dressed up as an alien, pickle, time machine,or showgirl.
You own fishnet tights.
You've put a costume on your dog.
You like apple crisp.
Stuffing is the best Thanksgiving food.
Pumpkin pie is what you are most looking forward to eating on Thanksgiving.
Your birthday is in the fall.
You've had a fall-themed birthday party.
You want a fall wedding.
You've been to a fall wedding.
If you had a girl born in the fall, you'd name her Autumn, Wind, or Harvest
You've been to a Homecoming dance.
You've been in marching band.
You've played football.
You like the wind.
Halloween is your favorite holiday.