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Author: joybucket
Created: January 19, 2018
Taken: 52 times
Rated: G

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Have you ever (stereotypes)

Created by joybucket and taken 52 times on Bzoink
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chosen pink as your favorite color?
got your nails done?
curled your hair?
wanted a small dog?
gotten dressed up and put make-up on just for fun?
wanted to be a model?
had a crush that made you smile?
drawn hearts in the sand?
daydreamed about your wedding day?
worn a formal dress?
owned a locket?
wrote in a diary about your feelings for someone?
shared a secret with a friend?
wanted to go to Paris?
Boho/free spirit
soaked up the sun?
gone for a hike in the woods?
chosen art or music as a career path?
engaged in art or music as a hobby?
been to a renessaince faire?
decorated your room colorful and artsy?
been called a free spirit?
worn something with fringe?
tie-dyed something?
slept under the stars?
lived life your own terms?
done something adventurous?
thought of all the places you wanted to travel?
grown your hair really long?
cried yourself to sleep?
cut yourself on purpose?
had an all-black or mostly black wardrobe?
worn black lipstick on a normal day?
gotten a tattoo or piercing?
listened to metal?
dyed your hair black?
felt you were in the depths of despair?
had a black cat?
contemplated suicide?
smoked a cigarette?
smoked marijuana?
done drugs?
been hospitalized for a mental problem?
Jesus freak
gone to church every Sunday for a year or more?
been baptized?
been born again/saved?
prayed in tongues?
taken a spiritual gifts test and found out what your gifts are?
prayed over someone?
been to a youth group event?
been to a Christian conference?
been to a Christian concert?
worn a True Love Waits piece of jewelry?
worn a cross necklace daily?
gotten a small cross tattoo?
been to church camp?
been on a missions trip?
gotten all A's?
owned Star Wars paraphernalia?
been to a gaming convention?
been to a cosplay event?
worn suspenders?
worn a plaid skirt?
had braces?
carried your laptop with you places?
loved performing science experiments?
enjoyed solving math equations?
wanted to study math or science in college?
won a science fair?
been socially awkward?
had to put tape on your glasses when they broke?
drove your tractor to school?
worn overalls?
worn a plaid shirt?
lived in the country?
sat on a hay bail?
lived on a farm?
milked a cow?
listened to country music for pleasure?
been to Kentucky or Tennessee?
talked with a Southern accent?
rode a horse?
owned a horse?
been in 4H?
smoked weed?
dyed your hair an unnatural color?
stood up for yourself?
worn leather pants?
ridden a motorcycle?
been drunk?
felt fearless and bold?
done something courageous?
ran away from home?
hated the color pink?
cheated on a test?
skipped school?
worn combat boots?
gone your own way?
gone a week without showering?
been homeless?
not cared about your grades?
ate junk food without a care?
sat around and been lazy all day?
watched TV for hours on end?
let people walk all over you?
complained about everything?
not cared at all about your health or your appearance?
slept all day?
been hungover?
bought a lottery ticket?
begged for money?
had no one who cared about you or loved you in the world?
Role model
learned to let go of things you can't control?
realized that you need to be responsible when other people aren't?
accepted life as it is and decided to keep going even though life was hard?
had an epiphany?
set goals for yourself and worked at them?
achieved a goal?
went after your dreams?
forgave yourself and moved on?
forgave those who hurt you?
started your own business?
learned how to stand up for yourself?
learned that it's ok to not be ok and to ask for help when you need it?
been thankful for what you have, even though your life isn't perfect?
learned to love yourself and take time to rest when you need it?
thought you were superior to others?
looked down on others?
thought that anyone who smoked or did drugs was worth less than you?
read your Bible just to check it off your list of things to do?
tried to force your views on someone?
thought that lower-class people were worthless?
thought that you deserve more than others?
treated someone like they were filthy, worthless, and unclean?
bullied someone who came to your church?
thought that salvation was earned, not given?
been completely self-centered?
used other people for money?
taken advantage of someone?
thought your were superior because you had more money than someone else?
played a school sport?
enjoyed gym class?
worked out at the gym?
ran every day?
tried to improve your flexibility?
tried to build muscle?
tried to improve your running time?
ran a race?
been a team captain?
won a medal or a trophy?
had a favorite sport's team?
used protein powder or protein shakes?
had a personal trainer?
wanted to be a professional athlete?
Lower class
not wanted to work or not worked because you were lazy?
dropped out of school because you were too stupid?
been a fat slob?
been a lazy bum?
tried to get help because you were selfish?
tried to go after your dreams just to make someone mad at you?
asked for help just to make a church leader angry?
never done anything right?
done what's right for you just to make others mad?
engaged in healthy habits just to make others mad?
remained living just so you could be burden to others?
tried to get someone's attention and get help just because you hated them?
wanted to be a part of society even though you're worthless?
walked by someone's house just to make them feel guilty about not...
..acknowledging you?
worn a corset?
collected something strange?
had a snake or a spider as a pet?
worn a tail?
posted facebook statuses about random topics no one else is talking about?
written a novel or worked on writing a novel?
been the first one to start dancing on the dance floor?
did something daring and actually not cared what anyone thought of you?
been knowledgeable about many topics?
dressed up a for a renessance faire?
taken a dance class as an adult?
had excessively long hair?
read a lot of books?
worn baggy jeans
worn a clock as a necklace
had a grill (in your mouth)
sold drugs
bought drugs off the street
listened to rap
carried a boombox on your shoulder
been in a gang
made a gang sign with your hand
worn tight jeans with a belt
worn designer jeans
had super long fingernails
hit the club
worn bling
Final questions
What stereotype do you fit the most?
Are you stereotypical?
What stereotype do you fit into that's not on this list, if any?
Are you a trendsetter?
Are you your own person?
Is there any way that you wished you fit a certain stereotype more?
Are you popular, and if not, do you wish you were?
Are you a millennial?
I forgot the millennial stereotype. So here we go...Millennial
texted while walking down the street?
brought your phone everywhere with you?
taken a selfie with a filter?
been poor?
worn an infinity scarf, long shirt, skinny jeans or jeggings, and boots?
ordered a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks?
wore a plaid flannel shirt with an undershirt and a simple necklace?
wore a cardigan sweater?
owned something tribal print?
worn something with an elephant on it?
listened to popular music?
listened to music on an ipod through earbuds?
made a flaschcard video telling your story?
posted a video on youtube?
made a cover video of a song?
had a movie marathon?
been to a concert?
worn Converse?
done your hair in a messy bun?
tried a fishtail braid?
posted a quote as your facebook status?
taken a selfie?
been "in a relationship" on facebook?
planned your dream wedding and dream house on Pinterest?
made a bucket list?
used an emoji?
taken pictures on the beach?
traveled to a foreign country?
been called selfish and entitled?
lived in a small, cozy apartment?
hoped that the government or your parents wouldn't stop you from pursuing..
...your dreams?
worked a job with terrible hours?
worked a job that didn't pay well and you didn't feel it was worth it?
posted a workout pic on facebook?
tried Zumba?
tried yoga?
tried meditation?
drank Yogi tea?
That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed! :)