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Author: joybucket
Created: September 22, 2018
Taken: 27 times
Rated: G

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Fall Confessions!

Created by joybucket and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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Put an X by your confessions!
You still get scared of the dark sometimes.
You used to think your house was haunted.
You are afraid of black cats.
You are superstitious.
U like the idea of wearing sweaters in the fall but u don't actually do it.
It bothers you that I said "u" instead of "you" in the last question.
I only did it because the sentence wouldn't fit otherwise!
You don't like apple cider.
You don't like pumpkin spice.
You don't like candy corn.
You're religious and you think Halloween is of the devil.
You're a Christian and you don't mind Halloween.
You love Halloween!
You believe in evil spirits.
You've been to a cemetery after dark.
You're paranoid.
You've experience paranoia before.
Your mom is paranoid.
You like black cats.
You want a plaid flannel scarf this year and are hoping you can find one.
You got new boots and are excited to wear them!
You tell yourself you'll eat only a few pieces of candy a day, ...
..and then you end up eating all your Halloween candy in one night.
You are too chicken to walk through a haunted house.
You've been through a haunted house before.
You don't like spiders as decorations.
You don't like real creepy costumes.
You've seen a ghost or spirit.
You think Halloween is about dressing up and candy...
...and that thinking it's of the devil is stupid.
You don't have a problem with dressing up as a witch.
You've read the Harry Potter books.
...and you liked them.
Your religion permits you from dressing up as a witch.
Your parents permit you from dressing up as a witch.
You like fruity candies better than chocolate.
You sometimes eat a lot of candy even though it makes you feel sick.
You've used a pillowcase instead of a trick-or-treat pail.
You don't like angel or elf costumes because they seem out of season.
You've worn a creative costume before.
You like DIY costumes best.
You've made a little kid cry on Halloween.
...and felt bad about it afterward.
You have trick-or-treated in your 20's.
You worn the same costume more than once.
You like chai lattes better than coffee.
You don't like coffee at all.
You've been to a football game to watch the marching band.
Haunted graveyards are your favorite Halloween decoration.
You've seen a movie that gave your nightmares.
You've read a book that gave you nightmares.
You've put on a cape and pretended to be a superhero.
You don't like carving pumpkins; you think it's too gooey and gross!
You still think your house is haunted.
You've never been in the attic of your house.
Your family calls deviled eggs "heavenly eggs." (Mine does.)
You call the night before Halloween "Devil's Night."
You decorate your room/apartment for fall.
You decorated your room/apartment for Halloween.
You like sugar skulls.
You've wet your pants at a haunted house.
You've screamed at a haunted house.
You've jumped in fright at a haunted house.
You've dressed up your dog in a Halloween costume.
You've ran a Halloween-themed race.
You've had a bat in your house.
You've seen a bat flying in your house.
You've seen real bats flying and think they're really creepy.
You don't like creepy animals and reptiles.
You are scared of spiders.
It is against your religion to dress up as the devil.
You wouldn't mind dressing up as the devil.
You are horrible at putting on fake eyelashes.
Black lipstick doesn't stay on your lips.
You look awful in black (like you're sick).
You used to get sick every October.
You really like when the weather starts to cool down in the fall.
You love the smell of the leaves.
You love the wind in the fall.
Fall is beautiful where you live.
The multi-colored trees are your favorite.
You gather leaves off the ground and take them inside.
You like to sit down in the leaves and read.
You like to jump in piles of leaves.
You don't like to rake because you think the ground looks better w/ leaves.
The mansions in your town give out whole candy bars.
You've been given a stuffed animal instead of candy on Halloween.
You've been given a healthy treat instead of candy on Halloween.
You don't like trunk-or-treat because you think Christians should be ...
..involved in the community, and you feel like it's an insult to the...
..community and a lie (because they say they don't celebrate Halloween...
...and they really do.)
Your witch hat is floppy and doesn't stay upright.
Someone has scared you and made you cry on Halloween night.
You think every trick-or-treater should be in costume.
You've been asked to do a "trick" when trick-or-treating.
You think adults should dress up in costume along with their kids.
You think it's ok for teenagers to trick-or-treat.
It's cold where you live, and people have to wear coats over their costumes
Your mom sewed your costumes when you were younger.
I've worn a costume that was made from a cardboard box.
You've made a Halloween costume from a dance costume.
You've dressed up as a Disney princess.
You've wondered why such poor-quality costumes are so expensive.
You've ordered a costume online before.
You've dressed up as an Indian or pilgrim before.
You like stuffing better than turkey.
You like ham better than turkey.
Your grandma makes deviled eggs and finger jello for Thanksgiving.
You start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.
You start decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.
Your birthday is in September.
Your birthday is in October.
Your birthday is in November.
Your birthday is in December.
You've had a fall-themed birthday party before.
You've had an outdoor birthday party before.
It's snowed on your birthday before.
It's been warm and sunny on your birthday before.
You've been sick on your birthday.
You've been bored on your birthday.
You've cried on your birthday.
You've felt hurt on your birthday.
You've missed someone on your birthday.
You are mad at a friend for something they did to you on your birthday.
You enjoy bonfires.
You don't really like s'mores.
You like roasted marshmallows better than s'mores.
You only like your marshmallows browned, not burnt.
You've been camping in the fall, and you loved it!
You want to get married in the fall.
You want to have your engagement pictures done in the fall.
You have your senior pictures taken in the fall.
Crazy Day was your favorite day of Homecoming Week.
You've never been to a Halloween party.
You've gotten lost or stuck in a corn maze.
You've been to a bonfire and gotten sick the next day, from the smoke.
You hate the smell of smoke in your hair.
You used to always get excited about going back to school.
You've had a scarecrow that didn't scare any crows.
You like corn on the cob.
You love pumpkin-flavored things.
Apples by themselves are too acidic for your stomach.
You like caramel apples.
You love Biggby's caramel apple cider.
You love pumpkin spice lattes (tea).
You love pumpkin spice lattes (coffee).
You own plastic fangs.
You own fairy and/or butterfly wings.
You used to own a clown wing.
Someone in your family was a clown for a living.
You've gotten lost in the woods.
Cemeteries creep you out.
You think cemeteries are beautiful and would be a nice place for a picnic.
You don't really like strobe lights.
You've been on The Haunted Mansion ride at Disney World.
You've seen the movie The Haunted Mansion.
You've seen The Exorcist.
You believe in demonic possession.
You believe that people can be influenced by demons.
You believe in the devil.
You have been possessed by a demon.
You have been delivered from an evil spirit.
You have had a spirit follow you around.
You have had a spirit riding on your back or shoulders.
Your dog has/has had a Frankenstein bandana.
You've used toilet paper to dress up as a mummy.
You don't believe Halloween is of the devil.
Halloween is your favorite holiday.
Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday.
Ever year during the month of November, you post what you are thankful...
...for every day on facebook.
Every year you say you are thankful for the love and support of your...
...family and friends.
You don't have loving and supportive family and friends.
...so you say you are thankful for things like mystery and wonder instead.
You aren't thankful for anything.
You are blessed.
You believe depression and anxiety are evil spirits.
You are creeped out by skeletons.
You've dressed up as Hannah Montana.
You've dressed up as a Power Ranger.
Your favorite Power Ranger was the pink one.
You've dressed up as a Teletubby.
You've dressed up as a Spice Girl.
You've dressed up as a clown.
You've dressed up as a school bus.
You've dressed up as a fruit or vegetable.
You've painted/decorated a mardi gras mask.
You own a scary mask.
You have a Halloween shirt.
You own Halloween leggings.
You own striped tights.
You've made a haunted gingerbread house.
You've turned your house into a haunted house.
You live next to a graveyard.
The only spiders you like are plastic glitter spiders.
You've decorated your door for Halloween.