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About This Survey

Author: supremequeenstyles
Created: November 8, 2018
Taken: 45 times
Rated: G

Are We Alike??

Created by supremequeenstyles and taken 45 times on Bzoink
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Just put an x by all which apply to you, and elaborate if you wish :)
You drink too much soda
You are 5'2" or shorter
You usually keep your nails really short
You like leggings better than jeans
In fact you only own two pairs of jeans
You like jeggings better than regular skinny jeans
You have had shirts you loved so much, you wore them until they fell apart
...and then you went on eBay to find and replace that same shirt
Your taste in music is very eclectic
You have been bullied for liking some of your favorite music
You went through a lot of different clothing "phases" in your teens
...and you cringe looking back on some of them
You love watching musicals
You love the smell of gasoline
Your cat was an abandoned kitten you rescued and bottle-fed
You think all dogs are cute
Your bedroom walls are covered in posters
...and you have some of them framed
You are fascinated with serial killers/true crime
You have only been to a few concerts because they're so expensive
You are Wiccan
You wish there were fewer misconceptions about Wicca/witchcraft
There are a few shows you keep meaning to watch but haven't yet
You have named a pet after a movie star
You aren't a very quick reader
You enjoy reading biographies
You think black cats are prettier than other cats
You almost always wear dark lipsticks.
You have had all of your wisdom teeth removed
You miss your friends from high school
You burn a lot of incense
You want to make more friends, but you're terrible at it
You specifically wish you had more friends with similar interests
You were in chorus in high school
You tried to cut your own hair when you were little.
You have a love/hate relationship with remakes (like movies and TV series)
You don't usually mind when artists cover a song by someone else
You believe in ghosts, but you don't believe many of them are evil.
You believe in faeries.
You prefer Samhain/Halloween over Yule/Christmas.
You speak French
You live way out in the country, but you like visiting the city
You have one of your favorites actors' autograph
You cosplay/used to cosplay
You have gone to a movie in costume
You enjoy Renaissance faires
You love mint chip ice cream
You like pumpkin spice in snacks, but not drinks
You've been embarrassed at first to admit you liked something
...including your favorite musical group
You sometimes care too much what other people think
You're the youngest in your family
You don't exercise as much as you should
You grew up reading the original Archies but you don't like Riverdale
You recently started watching Charmed (not the remake) and love it
Mozzarella is your favorite cheese
You do a survey almost every day because it's fun
You like sharing the things you love with other people
You always stay up too late
You don't like mushrooms
You think Entenmann's snacks taste better than Hostess ones
You love cheese fries
And/or french fries in general
You used to keep a journal
You prefer dark colors
You have lost a favorite article of clothing and never found it
You like tank tops better than T-shirts
You like 7Up better than Sprite
You used to drink Mountain Dew but you don't like it anymore
You sometimes have the TV on just as background noise
You sleep best when it's a little chilly in your room
You don't drink as much coffee as you used to
You sometimes have a habit of repeating yourself