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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: December 7, 2021
Taken: 39 times
Rated: G

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Just another this or that..

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 39 times on Bzoink
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a chocolate bar or a bag of candy?
crisps or popcorn?
water or soda?
coffee or tea?
a cold beverage or a hot beverage?
toast with jam or cereal?
a sandwich or a sub?
fries or wedges?
Asian cuisine or Mexican cuisine?
Italian cuisine or an Australian BBQ?
Hot and Spicy or Mild?
Mars or Snickers?
Ice cream or Gelato?
Coca Cola or Sprite?
Paris or California?
New Caledonia or Hawaaii?
Manhattan or New York?
Sydney, Australia or Brisbane, Australia?
New Zealand or Bahamas?
Fiji or Italy?
Greece or China?
Korea or Africa?
Madagascar or Pacific Islands?
Canada or Switzerland?
Jamaica or Bali?
India or Vietnam?
Egypt or France?
Thailand or Germany?
Japan or Russia?
Philippines or Turkey?
Colombia or Spain?
Poland or Antarctica?
Peru or Malaysia?
Netherlands or Belgium?
Cuba or Sweden?
Australia or Israel?
Portugal or Serbia?
Denmark or Singapore?
Ireland or Panama?
Iceland or Hong Kong?
A park or the beach?
Bowling or Mini Golf?
Laser tag or Paintball?
Nursery or Botanic Gardens?
Zoo or Wildlife Park?
A landmark or private garden?
Festival or Markets?
Day markets or Night markets?
A Jetty walk at the beach or on the sand?
Water Park or Theme Park?
A Concert or Music Festival?
Arcade Room or Painting Event?
The Gym or Home Work Out?
Pink or Red
Yellow or Orange
Blue or Black
Green or Silver
Gold or Purple
Pink or Yellow
Green or Aqua
Rose Gold or Maroon
Frog or Turtle
Lion or Tiger
Wombat or Koala
Echidna or Possum
Serval or Panther
Bilby or Sloth
Meerkat or Capybara
Giraffe or Tapir
Orangutan or Mandrill
Lyre Bird or Pidgeon?
Macaw or Owl?
Magpie or Tawny Frog Mouth?
Quokka or Kangaroo?
Wallaby or Goat?
Guinepig or Rabbit?
Mara or Hopping Mouse?
Dog or Cat?
Horse or Sheep?
Whale or Dolphin?
Sea Lion or Stingray?
Polar Bear or Brown Bear?
Shark or Octopus?
Rhino or Hyena?
Ostrich or Zebra?
Emu or Swan?
Lemur or Peacock?
Fennec Fox or Hippo?
African Painted Dog or Cheetah?
Chimpanzee or Gorilla?
Pants or Shorts?
Skirts or Dresses?
Tank Top or T-Shirt?
Sweater or Hoodie?
Beanie or Hat?
Scarf or Poncho?
Raincoat or Umbrella?
Hair Clips or Hair Pins?
Mittens or Gloves?
Shorts or Skirts?
Socks or Slippers?
Night gown or two piece sets?
Tights or Stockings?
Gym Gear or Casual?
Suit with or without a tie?
Formal or Semi-Formal?
Marine Biologist or Lawyer
Accountant or Scientist?
Retail or Office Administration?
Telemarketer or Market Researcher?
Zoo Keeper or Nurse
Dentist or Doctor
Architect or Painter?
Carpenter or Mine Worker?
Security Officer or Government Official?
Politician or Health Officer?
Bus Driver or Uber Driver?
Teacher or Counsellor?
Sex Therapist or Psychologist?
Actor or Musician?
Pilot or Army Officer?
Real Estate Agent or Life Saver?
Librarian or Medical Practioner?
Usher or Vehicle Painter?
Mechanic or Professional Surfer?
Web Designer or Insurance Broker?
Housekeeper or Stay at Home Mum/mom?
Hairdresser or Health Specialist?
Dietician or Endocrinologist?
Truck Driver or Valet?
Influencer or Historian?
Glass Maker or Flight Attendant?
Farmer or Fruit Picker?
Engineer or Drycleaner?
Electrician or Dog Trainer?
Debt Collector or Call Centre Worker?
Police Officer or Fire Fighter?
Ambulance Officer or FBI agent?
Random Final Questions..
What is something that makes you happy/smile?
If you could go anywhere in the world with unlimited funds, where would you go and why?
What is something on your buckelist?
Have you considered Sky Diving/Done it before?
Do you celebrate Christmas? if yes, how?
Do you paint/like to paint/want to learn?
Did you enjoy growing up?
What is something you like to do in the Winter seasons?
What is something you like to do in the summer seasons?
What is something you like to do in the fall seasons?
What is something you like to do in the spring seasons?
Do you like Video Games? what are your top three games?
Do you play Animal Crossing?
^ If yes, what are your top 5 characters?
Do you have plans for this upcoming weekend?
What is your best friends name?
Do you have any special talents?
Thank You For Taking My New Survey :)