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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: January 12, 2022
Taken: 27 times
Rated: PG

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Let's Get Ridiculous!!

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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How is Covid where you live?
Are you having a food shortage crisis due to drivers having covid and unable to work?
Are you using check in QR codes or filling in manual check ins everywhere you go?
Are you washing your hands/using sanitizer when you can?
What is one thing about covid that is driving you insane?
Are you sick of everyone talking about covid?
Do you find you clash with anyone when discussing covid?
What are your thoughts on the vaccinations and boosters?
What has covid taken from you or prevented?
Do you know anyone that has covid? how are they doing?
How is life for you right now?
Are you Okay?
What is impacting your life the most right now?
what is something positive that has happened to you recently?
Any goals for 2022?
Did you make any new year resolutions?
Seeing many friends through the pandemic?
Are you studying?
Are you working?
Any new hobbies?
Who is your best friend?
How long have you been friends?
What is something about them that makes you smile?
Have they ever supported you through something major?
Tell me a memory of you both together?
Ever travelled together?
Do you share similar interests?
One band or artist you both enjoy?
One hobby you both enjoy?
what is something you disagree on?
Name a movie you both love.
Name a television show you both enjoy?
Any nick names for eachother?
This or That
Cats or Dogs
Pizza or Pasta
Work or Study
Travel or Explore your own Country
Road Trip or Cruise Ship
Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Watson
Harry Potter or The Maze Runner
The Hunger Games or Divergent
Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore
Adam Sandler or Seth Rogen
Paul Rudd or Chris Pratt
Emma Stone or Emma Roberts
Takeaway or Home Cooked Meal
Gardening or Knitting
Video Games or Card Games
Listen to Music or Watch A Movie/Tv Show
Go for a walk or Hit up the Gym
Pet Lizard or Pet Turtle
Pink or Yellow
Blue or Black
Green or Orange
Coca Cola or Sprite
Sausage Rolls or Pies
Visit Friends or Visit Family
Wildlife Park or Hiking
Sunshine or Rain
Snow or Lightning Storm
Post in Notes or Notebook
Keep a Journal or Blog
Work from home or Work outdoors
Playstation or Nintendo
Laugh or Giggle
Dance or Sing
Pilates or Yoga
Weights or Cardio
Make a new friend or re-kindle with an old friend
Summer or Spring
Autumn or Winter
Do you have a partner?
Where Did You Meet?
Who made the first move?
Have you or have they said 'I Love You'
Do you get bored in a long term relationship
The Thrill is the chase, Am I right?
Much drama in your relationship?
Are they loyal and loving?
Name 3 things you have in common
Name something you disagree on
Where are you from?
If you could travel ANYWHERE right now, money wasn't a barrier, where would you go and why?