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Author: joybucket
Created: January 13, 2022
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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Created by joybucket and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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You love your natural hair color.
You like to take selfies.
You like to read.
You love watching the snow fall from your window.
You are wearing something black right now.
You like tea.
You first phone was purple.
You have long hair.
You like to wear nail polish.
Your phone is charging right now.
You are on a computer.
You are female.
You like both cats and dogs.
You are vegan.
You own a designer purse.
Your favorite color is blue.
You know someone who's favorite color is blue.
You have or have had a friend named Sarah.
You know someone named John.
Your middle name is Ann, Lynn, Marie, Rose, Grace, or Elizabeth.
Your middle name is Faith, Hope, or Joy.
You like the rain.
You like the snow.
Your birthday is in the fall.
You've kept your Christmas decorations up past December.
You like cheese.
You have allergies.
You've had a traumatic past.
You like your eye color.
You are the same height as your mom.
You are the same height as your grandma.
You are the same height as your great-grandma.
You have kids.
You are over 30.
Your college years were the best years of your life.
You like to wear hoodies.
You like listening to music.
You've had braces.
You have a brother.
You have a sister.
You've auditioned for American Idol.
You wanted to be an actor/actress, model, singer, or dancer when you were younger.
You've wanted to be a teacher.
You've babysat.
You've been a nanny.
Your birthday is in your favorite season.
You've completed a jigsaw puzzle.
Your favorite season is fall.
You wish you had a swimming pool.
You like custard-filled donuts.
You tan well.
You like to lay in the sun.
You wish you had a car.
Your first car was red.
You grew up in a brick house.
You don't know where your class ring is.
You went to prom.
You wear glasses.
You want hot pink cat-eye glasses.
You are subscribed to a doctor's channel on YouTube.
You have a YouTube channel.
You wish people weren't so mean.
You own a pair of Converse.
You still have your backpack from high school.
You've lived in a college dorm.
You know someone who is colorblind.
You've had surgery.
You like to eat apples.
You are creative.
You are outgoing.
You live in the US.
You live in Europe.
You're Irish or part Irish.
You're German.
You're Italian.
You have neat handwriting.
You enjoy public speaking.
You like seafood.
You like roller coasters.
You love sushi.
You love Mac and cheese.
You own a pair of Crocs.
It's dark outside right now.
You have lived alone.
You like to write with glittery gel pens.
You remember the Y2K.
You celebrate Christmas.
You've been baptized.
You love Jesus.
You are spiritual.
You are religious.
You aren't religious or spiritual.
You like chocolate.
You are double-jointed.
You like Disney princesses.
You have been homeschooled before.
You've been betrayed.
You've lost a friend.
You've contemplated suicide.
You love life!
You've tie-dyed something.
You enjoy taking surveys.
You enjoy making surveys.
You enjoy posting on the message boards.
That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed!