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Author: roxy-ryan
Created: February 9, 2022
Taken: 27 times
Rated: G

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Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't!

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 27 times on Bzoink
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Do you like your cereal soft or crunchy?
Do you like spicy food?
Do you keep a diary or a journal?
What is on your path currently in life?
What is your star sign?
What month were you born?
Have you ever travelled to Australia?
How do you show someone that you love them?
Do you like reading? what was the last thing you read?
Do you enjoy the television series 'Schitt's Creek'?
Do you find The Simpsons to be intolerable these days?
What are you afraid of?
Do you have a fear of birds?
Do you address older people by their first or last name?
Do you like ice in your drinks?
What is your favourite scent?
Do you enjoy walking for exercise?
Do you prefer swimming in pools or the ocean?
If money was not a factor, how would you live your life?
What would you do if you found a bundled amount of money ($500) on the floor while out and about?
Have you ever seen a shooting star? Did you make a wish?
What is one thing you would want to teach your children to make sure they grow up respectful?
Do you have tattoos? What do you have? If not, would you consider one?
What can you hear right now?
Where do you feel most safe?
What is one thing you want to overcome/conquer?
If you could travel back to any era, which would it be and why?
What is your most used emoji?
What is your favourite season and why?
How would you spend your ideal day?
If I asked a friend of yours to describe you in one word, what would they say?
What words or phrases do you say a lot?
What is Covid holding you back from doing currently?
Do you have to wear face masks at work or where you study?
Speaking of study, what is something you'd like to study?
Do you have Starbucks where you live?
Do you have Gloria Jeans where you live?
Name some stores from other countries you wish you had where you live?
What is something you are currently interested in?
What is something you struggle with?
What do you do to cheer yourself up if you are feeling down?
What is something you are talented at or skilled in?
If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be and why?
Ever wanted to just pack your bags and up and leave?