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Author: brelee
Created: May 4, 2022
Taken: 33 times
Rated: G

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The more you change, the less you feel.

Created by brelee and taken 33 times on Bzoink
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What was the last game you played?
Is there anything going to get released soon that you're looking forward to?
Do you have a fan in the room you're in?
How many candles do you own?
What's something you wish you liked but you don't?
Do you use a baby voice when talking to animals?
Would you say your parents put too much pressure on you?
What's for dinner today?
Can you fall asleep easily or do you need something to help you sleep?
What do you do when you get bored of sitting in the car a long time while on trips?
What game did you play most as a kid?
What's the best thing that's happened today?
What about worst thing?
Do you like the scent of gasoline?
What's an odd smell you find pleasing?
How often do you visit Bzoink?
Which cell phone network do you use?
What's something you've been made fun of before?
What is something you need to work on?
What movie or show has scared you the most?
Would you rather have cake or ice cream? or ice cream cake?
What is your style in clothing and would you like to change it?
Do you like the color yellow?
Have you ever been to a drive in movie?
When were you last in a body of water? (pools count)
What dead celebrity would you bring back if possible? why?
Do you listen to gospel music?
What do you think of Harry Styles?
Would you say your personality is naturally outgoing?
Are you currently talking to anyone?
What are you craving right now?
What did you last order online?
Do you support the Supreme Court in trying to overturn Roe vs Wade? (banning all abortions in the USA)
What's the weather like today?
Do you know anyone in the military?
Do you consume a lot of caffeine daily?
Would you rather listen to rock or rap music?
Have you told anyone you loved them today?
Do you have any songs stuck in your head?
What were you doing the last time 10am came around?
What are you planning on doing a few hours from now?
What's the best gift anyone could give you?
Where did you get the top you're wearing?
What was the price of gasoline the last time you saw it?
What's something you have a strong opinion on?
Do you like watching scary movies?
Which is closer.. your birthday or Christmas?
Do you keep your loose change in a piggy bank?
Are you planning on getting any tattoos or piercings soon?
Do you like your middle name?

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