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Author: joybucket
Created: May 13, 2022
Taken: 11 times
Rated: G

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Which fast food restaurant are you? 🍔🍟ðŸŒŪ

Created by joybucket and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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McDonald's 🍟🍔
You like to eat at McDonald's.
There is a McDonald's near you.
You loved getting Happy Meals when you were younger.
You've played in a McDonald's play place.
You like soft-serve ice cream cones. ðŸĶ
There is a "Mc" in your name.
Someone in your family is/was a clown. ðŸĪĄ
You've worn a clown wig. ðŸĪĄ
You played with both Barbies and Hot Wheels cars when you were a kid.
You're a fan of Donald Duck.
Your name starts with an M.
You are a generally happy person, especially after eating your favorite meal.
You think McDonald's has the best milkshakes.
Arby's 🍔ðŸĨĪ
Your name starts with A.
Your name ends in Y.
You love Arby's; you think it is one of the best fast-food restaurants.
Your favorite color is red.
You have curly hair; your hair makes ringlets just like curly fries do.
You love trying new milkshake flavors.
You may not be as popular as others around you, but that's ok.
You aren't as busy as some of your peers are; you lead a laidback life.
You have some unique hobbies and interests.
You are your own person; you have your own unique flavor.
You value quality over quantity.
You go to bed earlier than a lot of your peers do.
You are creative and are always coming up with new ideas.
Taco Bell ðŸŒŪ
You like to eat at Taco Bell.
You're Mexican.
You own or have owned a chihuahua.
You've been to Mexico.
Your favorite foreign cuisine is Mexican food.
You've taken Spanish in school.
Your favorite Disney princess is Belle.
Your house has a doorbell.
Your name starts with T.
You've played the moraccas.
You have a hard exterior; you need to come out of your shell more.
You enjoy being cuddled up inside of a sleeping bag.
You are unique, full of passion and bursting with flavor. ðŸĪŠ
Subway ðŸĨ–
You've ridden the subway in Chicago.
You've ridden the subway in New York.
You've ridden the subway in London.
You've ridden the subway in another city than those. ^
Your name starts with an S.
You like to eat healthy.
You're on a diet.
You loved it whenever there was a substitute teacher at school for the day.
You like to eat sub sandwiches.
You like to work with your hands.
You like to watch DIY youtubers, and you enjoy doing craft projects.
You think for yourself and have your own unique tastes.
You argue a lot; you always have to have it your way.
Wendy's 🍔ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸĶ°
You like Wendy's.
You have red hair.
You used to wear your hair in braids or pigtails when you were younger.
You loved the Peter Pan movies.
You've ridden Peter Pan's Flight at Disney World.
Your name starts with W.
You loved Wendy's frosties when you were a kid.
You've dipped a French fry into a frosty.
You like to watch Frosty the Snowman in the winter.
You know someone named Wendy.
You were born on a Wednesday.
You love windy days in the fall. 🍂
You're a fan of Pippi Longstocking.
Chuck E. Cheese 🍕🧀
You've been to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese before.
You like cheese. 🧀
You like pizza. 🍕
You like arcade games.
You've watched and enjoyed the Chuckie movies. 🔊
You want to be a kid again.
You feel like you are still a kid inside.
You've won a stuffed animal at an arcade. ðŸ§ļ
You feel like life is a party, and you want to live it up as much as you can. 🎉
You try to make the most of every day.
There is an E in your name.
You liked to watch Rugrats as a kid. 🍞
....and you were shy and awkward just like Chuckie.
Dairy Queen 👑🍧
You like to eat ice cream sundaes. ðŸĻ
You've worn a crown on your birthday.
You've been caught in a blizzard while on the road, and all you could see was white. 🚗❄ïļ
There are blizzards where you live. ðŸŒĻ
When you were a kid, there were times school was canceled because of a blizzard, and you got to stay home all day. ❄ïļ
You've lived on a dairy farm.
You love Dairy Queen.
You love barbecue chicken.
You've had some awesome cakes on your birthday. 🎂
You're American, and you love 4th of July celebrations. 🇚ðŸ‡ļ
You've been crowned either Prom Queen or Homecoming Queen, or something similar.
Your name starts with D.
You're creative and unique, and you dress in a way that stands out.
Auntie Anne's ðŸĨĻ
You like to eat at Auntie Anne's at the mall.
You love soft pretzels.
You are very flexible; you can bend and twist your body into a lot of different positions.
You are an aunt.
You love visiting your aunt.
Your middle name is Ann/Anne.
You loved reading Anne of Green Gables.
You like slushees. ðŸĨĪ
You are often in a bad mood, and you can be very salty.
You spend a lot of time at the mall.
You love to shop. 🛍
You sprinkle a lot of salt on your food. 🧂
Your aunt is a really good cook.
Domino's Pizza 🍕
You liked to play with dominoes as a kid.
You believe in standing tall and proud and holding your ground.
You feel like life keeps knocking you down over and over, but you always get back up again.
You love pizza. 🍕
You're Italian. ðŸ‡ŪðŸ‡đ
You like to customize things and make them your own.
You aren't afraid to tell someone off when they get your order wrong; you can be very saucy.
You've ordered a pizza and ate it all by yourself.
You are clumsy are always knocking things over.
You stand tall; you always hold your ground.
You have a dominant personality.
You think it would be cool to see a flying saucer. ðŸ›ļ
You like Italian food. 🍝
You love fried chicken.
You've lived in Kentucky.
You've been to Kentucky.
You have a friend or family member named Ken.
You owned a Ken doll when you were younger.
You feel shy around certain people; you can be a chicken.
You've done the chicken dance.
You love country music.
Your grandpa has white hair and a beard.
You own an apron.
You like to cook.
You go by your initials- your name is AJ or PJ or something like that.
You like to lay out in the sun even though you burn easily; you get fried. ☀ïļ
Which fast food restaurant are you according to this survey?
Are you happy with your result?
.....and do you like that restaurant?
.....and what is your favorite thing to order at that restaurant?
What is your favorite fast food restaurant?
...and what is your favorite thing to order at that restaurant?
What is your favorite milkshake flavor?
Which restaurant do you think has the best French fries?
Which restaurant do you think has the best milkshakes?
What is your favorite slushee flavor? ðŸĨĪ
Do you like McDonald's ice cream cones? ðŸĶ
What is your favorite thing to put on your subs at Subway?
What is your favorite fountain drink? ðŸĨĪ
How often do you eat at fast food restaurants?
Have you ever walked through a drive thru?
What is your favorite thing to order at Taco Bell?
Do you prefer tacos or burgers?
Have you ever ordered a burger at Taco Bell?
What is the closest fast food restaurant to you?
Do you live within walking distance of a McDonald's?
Have you ever got a salad from McDonald's?
Have you ever worked in fast food?
Which fast food restaurant do you think has the best breakfast food?
What is your favorite thing to order at McDonald's?
Have you ever ordered a salad from Domino's?
What is your favorite pizza topping? 🍕
Did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a scrumptious day! 🍟🍔🍕ðŸĨĪ