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Author: brelee
Created: June 10, 2022
Taken: 21 times
Rated: G

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I think I miss something I never had.

Created by brelee and taken 21 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever written a song?
What was the last drink you had?
Do you ever feel numb?
Which do you think would be scarier to experience, an avalanche or tsunami?
Do you currently have a honey jar in your pantry?
Do you always find a silver lining in bad situations?
Do you prefer being inside or outside?
When did you last use a lighter or matches?
Do you think the ocean needs more exploring?
Do you ever experience panic attacks?
Have you ever had to call 911 or your country's emergency number?
What was the last conversation you had about?
Are you doing okay?
Do you know an Olivia?
Is there a past relationship/friendship you miss?
Do you like mangoes?
Last song you listened to?
What do you believe in the most?
What was the last movie you watched and enjoyed?
Do you use captions when watching TV?
What was the last app you used?
What's your most used app?
What percentage is your phone battery on?
Are there any recipes you'd like to try?
Did you use Vine when it existed?
What decorations do you have in your bedroom?
Who is a celebrity you'd like to hang out with?
How many amusement parks have you visited?
Do you prefer chewy or crunchy textures more?
What last broke your heart?
What is happiness in your own words?
Do you still live in the town you grew up in?
Are there any events coming up you're looking forward to?
What's the most random collection you've had or known someone to have?
Are you currently wearing anything green?
Do you google your symptoms everytime there is something wrong?
Have you or would you ever go see a psychic?
Who is the strongest person you know?
What's your go to Chinese food order?
When was the last time you visited family?
Do you currently feel restless?
What is something you're naturally good at?
Have you had coffee or tea today?
What flower did you last see?
What's your favorite fictional book?

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