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Author: brelee
Created: June 17, 2022
Taken: 29 times
Rated: G

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I know now hell is nothing but a head space.

Created by brelee and taken 29 times on Bzoink
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Are you the quietest among your social circle?
What are you currently wearing?
How many nicknames do you have?
How many messages have you received today?
Do you like to vent when you have a problem or keep it to yourself?
What's your favorite fashion trend?
What's something you like to have many options to choose from?
What's a modern device you would find difficult to live without?
Have you ever dried and preserved flowers?
What is something you can't imagine ever doing?
Would you count to 10,000 or $1,000 dollars?
When did you last take a selfie?
What was the last favor you done?
Are you currently watching something or listening to music?
Have you recently been sick?
Last coffee order you got.
Are you a naturally cheerful person?
Have you ever listened to a song on repeat for hours? Which songs?
How many surveys do you usually take in a weeks time?
Current mood?
What's some positive news you've heard here recently?
Have you ever lost your taste and smell at the same time?
Have you ever frolicked through a field?
Do you eat at McDonalds?
What's a trait you dislike about some people?
What is something you find unnecessary?
What is something you'd define as ethereal?
What's an issue you're currently experiencing?
Are you or anyone in your family good singers?
Are you currently wearing something red?
When did you last feel empty?
What did you last consume that had sugar in it?
Are you ready for the upcoming season?
Have you ever had a bicycle accident?
When did you last look up at the clouds?
Do you have a garden?
When did you last have a bellyache?
What did you last change?
Do you find it annoying when people tell you to cheer up or just smile when you're upset?
How often do you go outside?
Is it currently hot where you live?
What did you do first thing when you got out of bed this morning?
Have you ever spent a whole day in bed?
Are you more sensitive to heat or cold?
What is something you are good at?