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Author: brelee
Created: June 21, 2022
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Asking questions based off random songs on my playlist

Created by brelee and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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Do you have a bad reputation?
Have you ever gone through a bad breakup?
Do you believe in Jesus?
Has anyone ever used a cheesy pickup line on you?
Are you hard of hearing?
Would you ever want a statue made of you?
What's the name of your best friend?
When did you last go for a run?
What is something that gives you good vibes?
How many bones have you broken in your life?
What did you last search for?
What color are your lampshades?
Where are you currently?
Has anyone ever called you dumb?
Do you have any cats?
What were you doing last time 3am came around?
What's your favorite love song?
What all did you do last night?
What last let you down?
How many lights do you have on?
Have you ever had vertigo?
Has your house ever been robbed?
Are you currently tired?
When did you last get a haircut?
Do you ever use the slang "sheesh"?
Have you done a breathing exercise recently?
What food/drink did you last waste?
Have you ever had collard greens?
Do you or would you ever live on a coast?
Are you a cry baby?
If you have a partner, do you have a song?
Have you ever dug a hole? What for?
Do you spend too much time in your room?
Have you ever fainted? What from?
What is something that is "just like heaven" to you?
Who is someone you know who is gorgeous?
Do you know a Chelsea?
Would you rather kill or be killed?
What's a good habit you have?
Would you rather have 12 fingers or 12 toes?
What's the sweetest, best pie you've ever had?
What did you last try to do?
Have you broken anyone's heart?
Do you have brown eyes?
When did you last go on a joyride?
Have you or would you ever hold a snake?
What song did you last replay?
Do you ever drive too fast?
Is there anything that you tolerate?
Are you currently barefoot?

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