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Author: joybucket
Created: June 22, 2022
Taken: 7 times
Rated: G

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Which camping emoji are you? ⛺️🪵🔥

Created by joybucket and taken 7 times on Bzoink
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⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Tent ⛺️
You've slept in a tent in your backyard.
You've gone camping in the woods.
You've set up and/or taken down a tent.
You've been to a prom or wedding or some kind of formal event that took place inside of a tent.
You enjoy sleeping inside of a tent.
You've slept inside a tent while camping in the woods.
You like the song "Cannot Keep You" by Gungor: "They tried to keep You in a tent, they could not keep You in a temple...." 🎶
You are wearing something with a zipper on it right now. 🤐
You have a secret, and you're keeping your lips zipped. 🤐
You'd rather sleep in a tent in the woods than you would sleep in a hotel room.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
You had a treehouse in your backyard as a kid.
You like to climb trees.
The woods are in your backyard. 🌲
You enjoy hiking in forests. 🌲 🥾
You've been told you are strong. 💪
....and you know it's true.
You like the the song "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" by Kelly Clarkson: "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger..." 🎶
You've been to Washington (The Evergreen State). 🌲
You always wanted to have a treehouse.
You have a favorite tree in your yard.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Logs 🪵
You've chopped wood for a fire.
You've lived in a house with a fireplace or wood stove.
You've sat on a log in the woods.
You went to summer camp as a kid.
....and you loved it.
You've stayed in a log cabin for a week while at camp.
You've lived in a log cabin house.
Your dream house is a log cabin in the woods.
You've built something out of wood.
The place you live in now is made of wood. 🪵
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Fire 🔥
You know how to build a bonfire. 🔥 🪵
You've sung songs around a campfire. 🎶
You enjoy roasting marshmallows. 🥢⚪️
S'mores are your favorite summer treat. 🍫 🧇🥜◽️
You've told ghost stories around a campfire. 🔥🪵 👻 🔦
You like the song "Yearn" by Shane & Shane: "Lord, I wanna yearn for You, I wanna burn with passion...." 🎶
You're passionate about something.
You shine bright for all to see! 🌟
You enjoy helping others stay warm.
You like to bundle up and be warm and cozy.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Flashlight 🔦
You've played flashlight tag.
You own a flashlight. 🔦
As a kid or as a teenager, you often stayed up later than your parents thought you did.
You've snuck out of your house.
You aren't afraid to go hiking outside at night.
You've used a flashlight at night while camping in the woods. 🏕
You can see into the future. 🔮
People often attack you, because they're afraid you're going to expose them. 😱
You aren't afraid of the dark.
You often help others see things they can't see or have trouble seeing; you're very insightful.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Hiking Boot 🥾
You enjoy hiking.
You've hiked up a mountain. ⛰
You own a pair of hiking boots.
You like the song "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. 🎶
You have a good view of the mountains from where you live. 🏔
You've lived in a city with a good view of the mountains. 🏔
You like to drink Mountain Dew.
You're very strong and fit. 💪
You've never gone camping alone; you've always been with either a group of people or at least one other person.
....because you're afraid you'd get lost if you went camping alone.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Backpack 🎒
You own a backpack.
You've worn a backpack while hiking or camping in the woods.
You still own a backpack you've had since high school.
You've watched Dora the Explorer.
You carry a lot on your back.
Sometimes you find it hard to carry the weight of so much responsibility.
...and sometimes you have to remind yourself that it's ok to sit down and rest for awhile.
You almost always carry a water bottle with you.
....as well as some extra snacks.
You believe in preparing for things ahead of time, and you're always prepared for whatever may come your way.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Compass 🧭
You've used a compass.
You own a compass.
You have a good sense of direction.
You've lived on a street that had a direction in the title (aka either North, South, East, or West).
You have a habit of following directions and always doing what you're told.
....and you've lost yourself in order to please other people, which you realize now is a fault.
You enjoy being the leader in a group; it feels natural to you.
You are often the first person to step out and do things; you'll take risks even if nobody else is doing it.
You're a natural-born leader, and you want to help point others in right direction, to help them get to where they need to be.
You're not where you want to be yet, but you feel like you're headed in the right direction.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Ghost 👻
You've told ghost stories around a campfire. 🔥 🪵
....and afterward you were afraid the woods you were in were haunted. 🌲 👻 ✨
...and you couldn't get to sleep.
You've walked through dark woods at night. 🌲 ✨
You've seen a ghost or spirit. 👻
You've heard a coyote howl in the woods at night.
You like the "Ghostbusters" song. 🎶
You like to scare people just for fun. 😱
You want to come up with your own ghost story.
.....and you think you could come up with a good one.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Spooky Eyes 👀
You've felt like you were being followed, but then you turned around and there was no one there.
You've caught someone following you.
You've wondered if trees were alive and had emotions and thoughts.
....and you've met someone who believes they do and claims to have heard trees talk.
You've gotten lost in the woods at night.
You've seen a bat flying through the air. 🦇
You've been in woods that were so dark that you couldn't see at all without a flashlight. 🔦
You are very observant, and you often see things that others don't.
You are very thankful you have eyes to see with.
....and you don't want to ever take them for granted, because sight is a beautiful gift.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Which camping emoji are you according to this survey?
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Have you ever been camping in the woods?
Are you happy with your result?
Do you like that emoji?
Have you ever used that emoji?
Which emoji was your favorite among the ones on this list?
Which emoji have you used the most among the ones on this list?
What was the last emoji you used?
If you had to pick three favorite emojis, which would you pick?
Do you enjoy camping?
Would you rather sleep under the stars or sleep in a tent? ⛺️ ✨
Have you ever gone hiking in the woods?
Do you enjoy hiking?
Have you ever hiked a mountain? 🏔
If so, which one(s)?
Do you live in an area with mountains? 🏔
What are three things you enjoy about camping?
What are three things you dislike about camping?
Have you ever been camping in the summer? ☀️
....in the fall? 🍁
....in the winter? ❄️
....in the spring? 🌷
Which season is your favorite to go camping in?
Do you enjoy bonfires? 🔥 🪵
What is your favorite song to sing around a campfire? 🎶
What is your favorite thing about camping?
What is your least favorite thing about camping?
Are you allergic to mosquitoes? 🦟
Have you ever got rained on while camping? 🌧
Do you own a tent? ⛺️
Have you ever been to a summer camp?
If yes, what was your favorite thing about summer camp?
Have you ever been a counselor at a summer camp?
When was the last time you went camping in the woods?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
Which camping emoji(s) do you think I should use next?
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
I hope you have an adventurous day! 🏔 ☀️
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲