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Author: joybucket
Created: June 23, 2022
Taken: 8 times
Rated: G

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Which camping emoji are you? pt. 3! 🦉🍫 🍄

Created by joybucket and taken 8 times on Bzoink
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⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲
Fox 🦊
You've seen a fox in the woods. 🦊 🌲
You know someone with the last name Fox.
You are wearing something orange right now.
You've recently watched a program on FOX. 📺
You've held a baby fox. 🦊
Your name starts with an F.
Your name has an X in it.
You've been camping before. ⛺️
You enjoy seeing animals in the woods when you're camping.
Your favorite season is fall. 🍁 🍂
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Toadstool 🍄
You've made a fairy garden. 🪴 🧚‍♂️
You would sit on a toadstool if you were a fairy. 🧚‍♀️ 🍄
You think toadstools look cool. 😎
You are wearing something with polka-dots or spots on it.
You've had a pet with spots. 🐶
You like to eat mushrooms.
You own some sort of footstool or ottoman.
You've tried roasting dandelions and eating them. 🌼
You know someone who is allergic to mushrooms.
You don't know the difference between a frog and a toad. 🐸
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Marshmallow ⚪️
You've roasted marshmallows. ⚪️ 🥢
You like to eat roasted marshmallows.
Either you've had or someone you know has had a cat named Marshmallow. 🐈
You like to eat chocolates with marshmallow filling inside. 🍫 ⚪️
You are wearing something white right now.
Your bedroom walls are either white or off-white.
You probably eat too much sugar. 🍩 🍰 🍪 🍫 🧁
You're soft, kind-hearted, and sweet.
You like to read mushy romance novels. 💕 📕
You're a middle child. 🧇 ⚪️ 🍫 🧇
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Chocolate 🍫
You like s'mores. 🧇 ⚪️ 🍫 🧇
You've eaten chocolate recently.
You've snuck candy into a movie theater. 🎭
S'mores are your favorite summer treat. 🍫 🧇🥜⚪️
You've had a chocolate lab for a pet. 🍫 🐕
You like to drink hot chocolate in the winter. 🥶 ❄️ ☕️ 🍫
You probably eat too much chocolate. 🍫
Your favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate. 🍨 🟤
You like chocolate-covered strawberries. 🍓 🟤
You're very sweet.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Graham Cracker 🧇 (I know it's a waffle- just pretend lol)
You like graham crackers.
You know someone named Graham.
You are either the oldest or the youngest child in your family.
You've eaten at Cracker Barrel.
You break easily. 😭 💔
You've had your heart broken. 💔
You eat crackers often.
You've seen a live performance of the Nutcracker. 🩰
You often crack your knuckles.
You know how to crack your back.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Mosquito 🦟
Many people find you annoying.
You often show up places unannounced.
You want to try to suck the most you can out of life!
You've had a lot of people tell you to go away.
You've been kicked out of your house. 🏡
You've been kicked out of a public place.
You're often found at parks and picnics. 🌳
You're not afraid to go out at night. ✨ 🌙
You can easily sneak up on someone without them even noticing.
Mosquitoes seem to be especially attracted to you for some reason. 🦟
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Owl 🦉
You've camped overnight in the woods. ⛺️ ✨
You've heard an owl hoot at night.
You've been to Hooters.
You've read the Harry Potter series. 📚 🧙‍♀️ ✨
....and you're a huge Harry Potter fan.
....and you want to go to Hogwarts; you're still waiting for your letter to arrive! 📜
You liked to hang upside down from the monkey bars as a kid.
You've been through something traumatic that turned your whole world upside down.
You give good advice.
You make wise decisions.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Freeze-Dried Food 🍝
You've eaten a freeze-dried meal while camping in the woods. 🏕
...and you enjoyed it.
You've been camping plenty of times.
You like to watch the Food Network.
You're either eating something right now or you just got done eating something.
You've worked in food service.
You often use plastic silverware. 🥄
It seems like an oxymoron for food to be frozen and dry at the same time, and you've been both happy and sad at the same time.
You've boiled water within the last 24 hours.
You never skip meals.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Sleeping Bag 💤😴🟥🟥🟥
You own a sleeping bag.
You've used a sleeping bag while camping.
You like to sleep. 😴
You often sleep in.
You're wearing something with a zipper on it.
You've ridden The Zipper at the fair.
Sometimes you take sleeping pills to help you sleep. 💊
You're almost always tired. 🥱
You enjoy sleeping outside. 🏕
You like to keep people warm and cozy and protected.
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Footprints 👣
You enjoy going for walks.
You enjoy hiking in nature. 🌲
You like to be barefoot. 🦶
You often walk places barefoot in the summer.
You feel like your life is headed down the right path.
You like to walk barefoot in the sand at the beach. 🏖
Even though your past still haunts you, you will keep moving forward.
You've walked at Relay for Life. ☪️
You know someone with the last name Walker.
You don't like the size of your feet. 🦶
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Which camping emoji are you according to this survey?
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
Are you happy with your result?
Do you like that emoji?
Have you ever used that emoji?
What are three ways in which you think you resemble that emoji?
What are three ways in which you don't think you resemble that emoji?
What is your favorite emoji among the ones on this survey?
What is your most used emoji among the ones on this survey?
Have you ever been camping? 🏕
Do you enjoy camping?
What is your favorite thing about camping? 🏕
Have you ever slept in a tent in your backyard? ⛺️
Have you ever slept in a tent in a friend's backyard? ⛺️
Have you ever seen a fox in person? 🦊
Which insect do you find to be the most pesky and annoying? 🪰
Have you ever stepped in dog 💩?
Have you ever drank water straight from a stream? 🌊
Do you like to sit on rocks by the river? 🪨
What is your favorite part of nature? ☀️ ❄️ 🌧
Have you ever been stung by a bee? 🐝
Have you ever been stung by a wasp?
Are you allergic to any insects (that you know of)?
Have you ever had a bad sunburn? 🥵
In your opinion, what is the best season in which to go camping? ⛺️ 🌲
What is your favorite type of tree? 🌲
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥
I hope you have an adventurous day! 🪵 🔥
⛺️🌲 🪵 🔥 ⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥⛺️🌲🪵🔥