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Author: joybucket
Created: July 9, 2022
Taken: 13 times
Rated: G

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Which music genre are you? ðŸŽļðŸŽđðŸĨ

Created by joybucket and taken 13 times on Bzoink
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Pop/Soft Rock 🕚ðŸŦ§
You like pop music.
You like to drink pop. ðŸĨĪ
You call your grandpa "Pop" or "Pops."
You've tried to find out many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.📍
You've popped a balloon. 🎈
You owned at least one Backstreet Boys or *N Sync album when you were younger. ðŸ’ŋ
Your first concert was a pop concert. ðŸŽķ
You're not as popular now as you used to be.
You often chew bubblegum and like to blow bubbles.
You've seen Mary Poppins. ☔ïļ
Hard Rock ðŸŽļðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸŽĪðŸĪ˜
You mainly listen to hard rock music. ðŸŽķ
You've eaten at the Hard Rock Cafe. ðŸŽļ
You're rebellious.
You were very rebellious as a teenager.
There is a lot of black in your wardrobe. ðŸ–Ī
You've shopped at Hot Topic.
You've been in a band. ⚡ïļðŸŽļ
You own a band T-shirt.
You get angry easily and often. ðŸĪŽ
You've been in a mosh pit.
Country 🊕
You grew up on a farm. ðŸŪ
You enjoy listening to country music.
You're from the South.
You've lived in the country. ðŸŒū
You've attended a school with corn next to it. ðŸŦ ðŸŒ―
You like guys who play the acoustic guitar.
You own a pair of cowboy boots.
You've been to a rodeo.
You listen to Carrie Underwood and/or Lauren Alaina.
You love the great outdoors, and living in a cabin in the woods sounds pleasant to you. ðŸŒēðŸŠĩ
Rap/Hip-Hop 🔊
You listen to rap music.
You've taken either a hip-hop class or a breakdancing class. 🕚
You're good at beatboxing.
You've good at wrapping gifts. 🎁
You wear baggy jeans sometimes.
You've lived in the poor section of town.
You've seen a piece of graffiti that you really liked.
You like to listen to music with loud bass.
You've owned a boombox at some point in your life.
You've made a gang sign for a selfie. (aka backwards peace sign ✌ïļ)
Bluegrass 🊕
You enjoy listening to bluegrass music.
You can play the banjo. 🊕
Your favorite color is blue. 💙
You have blue eyes. 👀 ðŸ”ĩ
You used to watch Blue's Clues when you were little. ðŸū ðŸ”ĩ
You've gone down to the river to pray. 🙏 🌊
You believe that hallelujah, one day you'll fly away to glory! ðŸĶ…
You've purchased fresh produce at a Farmer's Market. ðŸŒ― ðŸĨŽ 🍅
You've worn overalls.
You like to sit in the grass. ðŸŒą
Jazz 🎷
You like jazz music.
You've watched the TV show Little Bill.
You can play the saxophone. 🎷
You've taken a jazz dance class. 🕚
You like jazz hands. 🙌
Your name has a Z in it.
You've worn a flapper dress.
You think flapper dresses are cool.
Your favorite Disney princess is Jasmine. 🧞‍♂ïļðŸŠ”
You've tried Jasmine Green Tea. ðŸĩ
Celtic ðŸŽŧ
You enjoy listening to Celtic music.
You're Irish. ☘ïļ
You can play the violin. ðŸŽŧ
The violin is one of your favorite instruments.
You like to wear green. 💚
You're either a natural redhead or your hair has a natural reddish tint to it. ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸĶ°
You like the song "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen.
You've listened to Celtic Thunder and/or Celtic Women.
You've danced with gypsies at a renaissance festival. 💃
You like the song "Galway Girl" by Ed Sheeran.
Contemporary Christian ✝ïļ
You went to a church youth group when you were in high school. ⛩ïļ
You're a Christian. ✝ïļ
You enjoy listening to Contemporary Christian music.
You've owned a Casting Crowns album at some point in your life. ðŸ’ŋ 👑
You've owned and worn a "WWJD" bracelet.
You own a cross necklace. ✝ïļ
You wear a cross necklace every day. ✝ïļ ðŸ“ŋ
You've danced before the Lord with all your might. 💃
The Message is your favorite version of the Bible to read. 📖
You've been to church camp. ðŸŠĩðŸ”ĨâœĻðŸŒē
Reggae ðŸĨĨ🍍ðŸŒī
You enjoy listening to reggae.
You've played limbo on the beach.
You've played beach volleyball. 🏐
You like coconut. ðŸĨĨ
You like pineapple. 🍍
You live in a tropical location with palm trees. ðŸŒī
You've been to Hawaii. 🏝
You've worn a flower in your hair. 🌚
You've done a craft project using leis.
You love the feeling of sand between your toes. ðŸĶķ🏝
Disco ðŸŠĐ 🕚
You like disco music.
You've owned some sort of disco ball or disco light. ðŸŠĐ
You've been to a dance party in someone's dorm room.
You own a metallic shirt.
You love the cool effects a disco ball makes. ðŸŠĐ
You've skated at a roller rink that had a disco ball on the ceiling. ðŸŠĐ 🛞
The idea of living in the 70's sounds appealing to you.
You love to break it down on the dance floor; you have some awesome moves. 💃 🕚
You have a mirror in your room.🊞
You've worn bellbottoms.
Which genre of music are you according to this survey?
Are you happy with your result?
Do you listen to that genre of music?
Do you like that genre of music?
What are three ways in which you think your results are accurate?
What are three ways in which you think your results are not accurate?
Is that your favorite genre of music?
What are three songs you like that fit into that genre?
What is one song you don't like that fits into that genre?
What is your favorite genre of music?
What are three of your favorite songs at the moment?
Which music genre(s) do you listen to the most?
What is your favorite music genre among the ones on this survey?
What is your least favorite among the ones on this survey?
What was your first concert? ðŸŽķ
Do you know how to play any instruments, and if so, what?
Have you ever taken a dance class? 💃
Have you ever sang in a choir? ðŸŽķ
What are three of your favorite songs to sing? ðŸŽĪ
Do you ever sing in the shower? 🛀
Who were your favorite music artists when you were young? ðŸ’ŋ
Who are your favorite music artists now?
If you were to record your own album, which type of songs would you sing? ðŸŽĪ
...and what would you sing about?
Have you ever written a song? ðŸŽķ
Do you listen to music a lot?
Have you ever dreamed of becoming a popstar?
What music genre do you listen to the most?
Do you watch American Idol? ðŸŽĪ
Have you ever auditioned for American Idol? ðŸŽĪ
Have you ever watched X Factor? ❌
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
Which music genre(s) do you think I should include next?
I hope you have a musical day! ðŸŽķ