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Author: joybucket
Created: July 12, 2022
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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Which Catie Turner song are you? 🎢

Created by joybucket and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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Step Mom πŸ’˜
You went through a break-up that was messy and embarrassing.
You don't always stay true to your word- you may mean well, but you often say something and then either forget about it or change your mind about it later, doing something else than what you were originally going to do.
You've broken up with someone and then tried to win them back.
You've dated a man that was old enough to be your dad.
After a break-up, you've wanted to get revenge and have daydreamed about what you would do to get revenge if you could.
You've done something to get revenge against someone.
You have a stepmom and/or you are a stepmom.
You plan to invite one of your exes to your wedding (or, if you're married, you invited one of your exes to your wedding.)
You've dated someone else to try and make an ex jealous.
You have a past with someone that's messy, and you want to just agree to forget the past and start over new.
God Must Hate Me 😒
You feel like God made a mistake when He was making you.
You've compared yourself to someone else and wished you looked like them.
You don't know what you believe about God, Jesus, etc.
You blame God for everything that's wrong with you.
You've looked at someone else and thought, "Wow, God must hate me."
....because you felt like he spent so much time on them, but on you he got lazy.
You aren't happy with the way you look.
You don't like your body.
You wish you weren't so awkward sometimes.
You're jealous of someone.
Nothing πŸ€ͺ
You swear.
You call yourself bad names.
You find it ironic that some of the people that say they're trying to "better themselves" are some of the most sh*tty people, and they don't actually seem to be getting better at all!
You've decided to take a break from social media, but then you got bored and went right back to it.
You feel like you're a victim to your problems.
You've been on a ton of first dates with people that you ended up hating.
You complain about having no friends, but you're usually the first one to cancel plans.
You tell people you're "working on yourself," but you're not really- you don't really want to change.
You know what your problem is, but you're denying it.
You admit you sometimes make life way too harder than it has to be.
Play God πŸ’”
You've been to New York. πŸŒƒ
You keep hoping that you'll run into a certain person when you're out and about....but you never do.
You've typed out a message to someone but then didn't sent it, because you weren't brave enough.
You live a whole different life inside your head- one that is much better, in which you are much stronger and more courageous, and you say to people what you want to say.
You've been holding on to something that you need to let go of.
You've had trouble letting go of your past.
You miss someone and are having a hard time getting over them.
Thoughts of you and a certain person keep running through your head, even though you're not together anymore.
You've tried to make someone stay in your life....but they left anyway.
You've gone on a date with someone and wished you were with someone else the whole time.
A Little More 🏑 πŸ€Έβ€β™‚οΈ
You miss the days when you were young and carefree.
You've fallen out of touch with a friend you used to be close with, and you don't like it at all- you want to be close with them again.
You miss your friends from high school.
You wish you could go back and be a teenager again.
You used to hang out at the mall with your friends a lot when you were a teenager. πŸ›
You no longer live in the town that you grew up in.
...but even though it's no longer your home, it's still your hometown, and you will always cherish the memories you made there.
You wish you had more time to do all of the things you want to do.
You feel like your life is flying by way too fast.
You grew up wishing you could leave your hometown and couldn't wait to move out....but now that you've moved away, you miss those days and wish you could go back and relive them again.
Savior πŸ›Ÿ
You've tried to change someone....and found that you couldn't.
You've date someone who had a lot of issues.
You know someone who is constantly complaining and feeling sorry for themself, when really they just don't want to fix their problems.
....and they think everything is all about them, that everything revolves around them.
.....and you're tired of it.
You've been there for someone who was never there for you.
You've listened to someone complain for far too long....you should have left them sooner.
You've taken on someone else's problems as if they were your own....and now you wish you hadn't, because it wasn't worth your time- they knew better.
You've let someone take advantage of you before.
....but you're not going to anymore, because you're worth more than that.
Party πŸŽ‰
You've passed out drunk. 🍺
You've been to a party with a bunch of people drinking. 🍾
You've drank to numb your pain. 🍷
You've drank underage.
You drink as a way to cope with your problems.
You've thrown up from being drunk.
You don't really like drinking and would prefer not to get drunk.
....but you do it anyway, because it's how you deal with things, how you numb your pain.
...and you wish you knew of another way to cope with your problems.
You're wounded emotionally, and sometimes you feel like you can't handle your life. πŸ—‘
(Wish I Didn't Have to) Lie πŸ’”
You're waiting for a certain someone to come back to you.
You don't hate [insert name here], you just hate the way you miss him/her.
...and you're afraid to let this person go.
Even though it's been years since you've been with a certain person, you're still waiting for them to come back to you.
You still have pictures of you and your ex.
You know longer enjoy certain things, because those things remind you of a certain person that you miss.
You're heartbroken. πŸ’”πŸ˜­
You don't think that the person you miss feels the same about you.
...but you wish they did.
You've been lying to yourself and tell yourself you're fine, when you're not.
Which Catie Turner song are you according to this survey?
Have you heard that song before?
Do you like that song?
Do you feel like you can relate to that song?
What is your favorite song by Catie Turner?
Do you remember watching her on American Idol?
Which of her songs do you feel like you can relate to the most?
Which of her song(s) do you think I should include next?
Which music artist(s), if any, do you think I should make a survey about next?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a wonderful day! πŸ’–

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