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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: July 16, 2022
Taken: 6 times
Rated: G

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Which beauty product are you?💄💅💖

Created by joybucket and taken 6 times on Bzoink
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Lipstick 💄
You like to wear lipstick.
You like to make people smile brighter. 😃
You played with Bratz dolls when you were younger. 👄
You are very bright, bold, and showy.
You talk a lot and have been known to be a blabbermouth.
When someone tells you a secret, your lips are sealed. ðŸĪ
You always stick to your morals and stay true to who you are.
You've used up an entire tube of lipstick. 💋
Even though your life takes many twists and turns, you are very loyal and will always stick to your friend like glue.
You watch Miranda Sings on YouTube.
Nail Polish 💅
You like to wear nail polish.
Your nails are almost always painted.
You're wearing nail polish right now.
You've taken some sort of class on etiquette, and you're very "polished."
You enjoy hammering nails in the wall. ðŸ”Ļ
You're Polish. ðŸ‡ĩðŸ‡ą
You go barefoot for a good majority of the summer months. ðŸĶķ
You like to add in little things or do little things to make life interesting, just because.
You're always quick to lend someone a hand when they need help. 🖐
You aren't afraid to let others see who you really are, and you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty.
Mascara 👁 🊄
You like to wear mascara.
You are able to put mascara on and keep your mouth closed the whole time.
You've been complimented on your eyes. 👀
You like your eye color.
You've worn a costume that included some sort of a magic wand. 🊄
You used to watch The Fairly Oddparents. 🊄âœĻ
....and you'd say you are fairly odd.
You wish you had longer eyelashes.
You mostly wear black. ðŸ–Ī
You aren't afraid to be bold, striking, loud, and proud.
Foundation 🟠
You like to use foundation.
You love how foundation makes your skin look clearer.
You feel like your life is set on a firm foundation.
...and you are immovable.
....and now you are building on that foundation, because you want have something to show for your life.
You use foundation every day.
You seek the Lord first each day. 🙏
You've helped build a cabin or a house. 🏠 ðŸ”Ļ
You often try to hide or cover up things that you don't want other people to see.
You're good with color and good at putting together outfits that match. 👗👛
Blush ðŸ˜ģðŸĪ—
You use blush.
You've made a fool of yourself more times than you can count.
You've been so embarrassed you wanted to disappear.
You've felt embarrassed recently.
Someones has recently said something that made you blush (or that you think may have made you blush).
You like the color pink. 💖
You are very kind and soft.
You like to eat powdered donuts.
You prefer to brush you hair rather than comb it.
You own a set of make-up brushes.
Eye Shadow ðŸŸĢðŸŸĒðŸ”ĩ
You like to wear eyeshadow.
You've taken a picture of your shadow, because you thought it looked cool.
You've made shadow puppets. ðŸĪ
You own an eyeshadow palette.
You own a paint palette. ðŸŽĻ
....and you use it frequently.
You wear a variety of colors.
You can be messy.
You feel like you are living in someone else's shadow.
You believe that this life is only a shadow of what is to come, and that Heaven is our true home.
Eyeliner 🊄
You like to wear eyeliner.
You have a certain color eyeliner that you like to wear, because it makes your eyes just pop. 👁
You enjoy listening to pop music. ðŸŽķ
You like to drink pop. ðŸĨĪ
You enjoy writing on lined paper. 📝
You've had a part in a play or musical that required you to memorize lines.
You prefer to write with pencils rather than pens. ✏ïļ
You own a pencil sharpener.
You wear different colors, but you mostly wear black.
Sometimes you can be too harsh and bold.
Lip Gloss 💋🊄
You like to wear lip gloss.
You own a glossary.
You shine. âœĻ
You like shiny and glittery things. 💖
The personality trait you admire most in others is transparency.
On social media, you like to make your life look better than it actually is.
You've been told that you sparkle or shine. âœĻ
You wear lip gloss nearly every day.
You've lied and said you were happy when you weren't.
You like to eat glazed donuts. ðŸĐ
Concealer 🟠
You've suffered from acne.
You've used concealer to cover up a zit.
You have zits on your face right now.
....and you're covering them up.
You cover up a lot of things you don't want people to see.
You hope no one ever reads your diary, even after you've died.
You've snuck out of your house and lied about it later.
You would be very embarrassed if someone read your diary. 📔
You've smiled for a photograph when you were actually feeling miserable.
You've hidden a secret from someone for years, because you feel ashamed.
Face Paint ðŸŽĻ ðŸĪĄ
You've used face paint on your face.
You've painted little kids' faces at an event.
You've had your face painted at a carnival or another similar fun event. ðŸŽĻ
You love Halloween. 🎃 ðŸ‘ŧ
You hate your face and want to cover it up. 🎭
You've pretended to be someone you're not.
You would change something about your face if you could.
You love art class and you like to paint. ðŸŽĻ
You've considered getting a tattoo on your face.
You have a collection homemade stylish, cute, and colorful masks. 😷
Which beauty product are you according to this survey?
Are you happy with your result?
Do you use that beauty product?
Do you like that beauty product?
When was the last time you used that particular beauty product?
What is your favorite beauty product?
What are three ways in which you resemble that beauty product?
What are three ways in which you don't resemble that beauty product?
Are you female? ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸĶ°
Do you consider yourself more masculine or feminine?
Are you girly? 🎀
What is your favorite lipstick shade to wear? 💄
What is your favorite eyeshadow color to wear?
What is your favorite eyeliner color to wear?
Do you have long or short eyelashes?
Do you like the length of your eyelashes?
Have you ever worn fake eyelashes?
Do you like glitter? âœĻ
Have you ever put glitter on your face?
Did you ever wear body glitter back when it was a fad?
What is your favorite nail polish color to wear? 💅
Have you ever painted each fingernail a different color?
What color are your nails painted currently?
Are you wearing any makeup right now?
When was the last time you wore make-up?
Do you prefer lipstick, lip gloss, or lip balm?
Have you ever worn colored mascara?
Do you prefer black eyeliner or brown eyeliner?
Do you think black eyeliner looks too harsh on your face, or do you think you look better with it?
Do you need makeup on to feel beautiful?
Do you like the way you look?
If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?
Would you ever consider getting plastic surgery?
Do you think most people look prettier after getting plastic surgery, or do you think it makes people look terrible?
How old were you when you started wearing make-up?
Have you ever considered going to beauty school? 💇‍♀ïļ
Have you ever been told you were beautiful?
....if yes, did you believe it?
What is your favorite beauty product among the ones on this survey?
What is one beauty product that you never use?
What lipstick colors do you think look best on you?
What eyeshadow color looks best on you?
What eyeliner color looks best on you?
Do you like your natural hair color?
What is your natural hair color?
Have you ever considered becoming a model? 👠
Have you ever wanted to become a model?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
Which beauty product(s) do you think I should include next?
I hope you have a glamorous, glitzy, sparkly, beautiful day! âœĻ