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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: July 19, 2022
Taken: 6 times
Rated: G

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The Brown Circle Survey ðŸŸĪ

Created by joybucket and taken 6 times on Bzoink
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ðŸŸĪðŸŸĪðŸŸĪ Beginning Questions! ðŸŸĪðŸŸĪðŸŸĪ
Do you like the color brown?
What are three things you like that are brown?
What are three things you dislike that are brown?
Are you wearing anything brown right now?
What is your favorite shade of brown?
What is your least favorite shade of brown?
What are three things the color brown makes you think of?
Do you think you look better in black or in brown?
Have you ever been told you look good in brown?
Name three things in the room you're in that are brown.
What are three things you could make from a brown circle?
Do you prefer milk chocolate or dark chocolate?
When was the last time you ate a brownie?
Do you have a lot of freckles on your face?
ðŸŸĪ Chocolates ðŸŸĪ
What is your favorite filling for chocolates?
What was the last type of chocolate bar you ate? ðŸŦ
Do you like chocolate?
Do you ever get cravings for chocolate?
Have you eaten any chocolate today?
What was the last thing you ate with chocolate in it?
ðŸŸĪ Coconut ðŸĨĨ
Do you like coconut?
Have you ever drank milk straight from a coconut?
Do you like coconut cream pie?
Are you allergic to coconut?
Do you like pineapple and coconut together?
ðŸŸĪ Bear ðŸŧ
Have you ever gone hiking in an area with signs warning about bears? ⚠ïļ
How many teddy bears do you own?
Did you watch the show Little Bear when you were younger?
Would you rather eat gummy bears or Teddy Grahams?
Have you ever seen a bear in the wild? ðŸŧðŸŒē
ðŸŸĪ Potato ðŸĨ”
Do you like potatoes?
Would you rather eat cheesy potatoes, French fries, or a baked potato?
Do you like yams?
Did you ever play with Mr. Potato Head as a kid? 👄👃👀
Do you like mashed potatoes?
ðŸŸĪ Squirrel ðŸŋ
What is the stupidest thing you've ever seen a squirrel do?
Do you like squirrels?
Are there more black squirrels or brown squirrels in your area?
Have you ever had a dog that loved to chase squirrels?
What do you think would be a good name for a squirrel?
ðŸŸĪ Cowboy Hat ðŸĪ 
Have you ever worn a cowboy hat?
What's your favorite cowboy movie (if you have one)?
Who are your favorite country music artists?
What's your favorite farm animal? 🐄 🐎 🐓 🐖
What's your favorite campfire song? ðŸŠĩðŸ”ĨâœĻ
ðŸŸĪ Bird's Nest 🊚
Have you ever found a nest with eggs in it?
What is your favorite type of bird? ðŸĶĒ ðŸĶ… ðŸĶœðŸĶĐðŸĶš
Do you like the color robin's egg blue?
Do you enjoy listening to the birds sing?
Would you ever put plastic flamingos in your front yard? ðŸĶĐ
ðŸŸĪ Donut ðŸĐ
What is your favorite type of donut?
Have you ever worked at a bakery?
What is your favorite bakery item?
What is your favorite filling for a donut?
Do like drinking apple cider with powdered donuts in the fall? 🍁
ðŸŸĪ Hut 🛖
Have you ever been to Africa? ðŸĶ’🐘 ðŸĶ
When was the last time you built a blanket fort?
Have you ever stayed overnight in a mud hut?
Have you ever built a mud hut?
Have you ever been to Pizza Hut? 🍕
ðŸŸĪ Cookie 🍊
If you had to pick three favorite types of cookies, what would you pick?
Do you enjoy baking cookies?
When was the last time you ate a cookie?
Did you ever eat the cereal Cookie Crisp as a kid?
Are there chocolate chips in your kitchen cupboard right now?
ðŸŸĪ Snail 🐌
Do you like snails?
What is something you do to make the time pass quicker when it seems to be going way too slow?
Do you like to draw swirly designs? 🌀
Have you ever had to evacuate because of a hurricane?
What are three things you are waiting for?
ðŸŸĪ Pie ðŸĨ§
What is your favorite type of pie?
What is one type of pie that you don't like?
Would you rather eat key lime pie or chocolate pie?
Would you rather eat apple pie or pumpkin pie?
Have you ever been hit in the face with a pie?
ðŸŸĪ Reese's Peanut Butter Cups ðŸŸĪ
Do you like Reese's Cups?
When was the last time you ate Reese's?
Do you like peanut butter? ðŸĨœ
What are three things that you think taste good with peanut butter?
Do you think Reese's Pieces taste better than regular M&M's? ðŸŸĪⓂïļ
ðŸŸĪ Mud Puddle ðŸŸĪ
Have you ever slipped and fallen in a mud puddle?
As a kid, did you like to play in the mud?
Does it get really muddy in the spring where you live?
Did you ever play in the mud at a summer camp?
Does it rain a lot where you live? ☔ïļ
ðŸŸĪ Turkey ðŸĶƒ
Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
What are three things you are thankful for?
What are three of your favorite Thanksgiving foods?
What is your favorite dessert to eat on Thanksgiving?
Have you ever killed a turkey? ðŸĶƒ
ðŸŸĪðŸŸĪðŸŸĪ Final Questions! ðŸŸĪðŸŸĪðŸŸĪ
What are three more things you could make from a brown circle?
What was the last thing you ate that was brown?
Do you have brown hair?
Do you have brown eyes? 👁
Have you ever had a friend with the last name Brown?
Would you rather wear black or brown?
Do you own a pair of brown pants?
Do you own a brown skirt?
....a brown shirt?
....a brown dress?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a day that's as sweet as a brownie!