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Author: joybucket
Created: July 24, 2022
Taken: 8 times
Rated: G

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Which Christina Grimmie song are you? ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃

Created by joybucket and taken 8 times on Bzoink
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ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Feelin' Good 👍
You're feeling good today.
You feel so alive!
You were alone last Friday night.
....and you were feeling low.
....and no one called you on the phone. 📞
You're so thankful for all of the people who love and support you!
You've had someone draw you a picture.
You've received a compliment recently.
For a long time you felt lousy, but now, finally, your life is starting to get better.
You're feeling energized and empowered! ⚡ïļ
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Liar Liar ðŸĪĨ
You've cut someone out of your life who constantly lied to you.
You had someone tell you he/she would always be there for you.....and then they left.
You're tired of being lied to.
You know at least one person who is a pathological liar.
You thought that you and a certain person would be together forever....but then that person broke your heart. 💔
...and then that person tried to come back to you and beg you for forgiveness, claiming they were sorry and had changed.
...but you refused and called him/her a liar, because you didn't believe it for a second!
You've had someone cheat on you.
You used to love a certain person, but now could you care less about them.
You've had someone break up with you and/or be really mean to you, and later they realized they missed you and wanted to be with you still.
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
I Bet You Don't Curse God 😞
You've had a doctor call you and tell you that your test results are back and you need to come in right away.
You're afraid of flying. ✈ïļ
You've faked a smile. 🙃
You've had a credit card declined. ðŸ’ģ
You've been homeless.
You've worried about someone who didn't show up when they said they would (or didn't come home until very late, or something similar).
You've had a near-death experience. 🚑
You've been tempted to curse God.
You've been through something very painful and traumatic.
....and it didn't seem fair at all.
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Absolutely Final Goodbye 👋
You've broken up with someone.
You've dated someone who was quite cocky.
There are rumors going around town about your ex.
You've recently been through a breakup.
You've dated someone, broken up, and then got back together again.
....and then broke up again.
....and this time, you're breaking up for good.
You will never, ever, ever take your ex back again.
You've recently said "bye" to someone.
You've recently given up something or quit something, for good.
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Get Yourself Together 😭
You've cried after a breakup.
You've been in a relationship with someone who did you wrong.
....and all your friends thought that he/she was a creep.
....but you couldn't see it.
You've ended a relationship with someone because he/she was toxic.
Your ex turned out to not be who you had thought he/she was at first.
You cry a lot.
You're having trouble handling your life.
You've kissed someone who turned out to be a snake. 🐍
....and you now have trust issues.
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Tell My Mama 😍
You've in love with someone that you know is dangerous.
....but you just can't stop thinking about him/her.
....and you're planning to tell your mom about this person.
You've called your crush on the phone and then chickened out and hung up the moment he/she said hello. ☎ïļ
The boy/girl of your dreams turned out to be a nightmare instead.
When you have a new crush, you usually tell your mom about it.
Your mom knows about all of the crushes you've had.
You've dated someone your parents didn't approve of.
You've felt attracted to someone at first sight.
You've had a high school crush. 💕
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
The One I Crave 😘
You've had a crush on someone who was 6'2.
....and he/she gave you candy. 🍎
You've had a crush on someone named James.
You've had a crush on someone named Pete.
You've dated someone named John.
You're currently in a relationship with someone.
....but you wish you were with someone else.
....and the one that you want is the one that got away.
You've dated the star of the football team.
You've gone on a date with someone and wished you were with someone else the whole time.
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Above All That is Random 4 ðŸĪŠ
You can be very random sometimes.
You like making mac and cheese.
You've flown overseas. ✈ïļ 🌎
You just sneezed. ðŸĪ§
Sometimes you wish that inanimate objects could talk.
You wish you were getting paid $500. 💰
You've eaten a cookie recently. 🍊
You have a dog. ðŸķ
You like tacos. ðŸŒŪ
Someone is currently in your backyard screaming. ðŸ˜ą
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Snow White 💛🍎💙
Your favorite Disney princess is Snow White.
You've seen the movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.
You have dark hair.
You're currently single.
....but you believe that one day your prince will come.
Sometimes you wonder, "What will it take for me to find the man who won't go and break my heart?"
You wish you could be free from this harm that haunts you.
...and you believe that someday you will be.
You're currently waiting for something.
You've wondered, "When will I ever be free?"
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Advice 💞
You feel stuck.
You know it's never a good idea to be in a hurry, because hurrying causes mistakes.
You know you need to be more transparent in relationships, because sharing yourself brings you closer.
You've become defensive when you felt threatened, and you know you need to let your guard down more.
....and you wish it were easier to do so, because you don't feel it is easy at all.
You believe that love is all you need. 💘
You know that even rest is redemptive; allowing yourself to rest when you need to is very beneficial, and it's not wasting time- it's accomplishing something.
You give good advice.
You've been tempted to give up.
You know that when you feel stuck, it's time to do something different.
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Which Christina Grimmie song are you according to this survey?
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
Have you heard that song before?
Do you like that song?
Do you feel you can relate to that song?
Do you ever listen to Christina Grimmie?
Have you watched any of her song covers on YouTube?
If yes, what is your favorite song cover(s) of hers?
What is your favorite original song of hers?
What is your favorite song among the ones on this survey?
Do you like Christina Grimmie?
Did you watch her on The Voice?
Have you ever seen her in concert?
Do you own any of her albums?
Which song(s) of hers do you think I should include next?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞
I hope you have a musical day! 🎞
ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ 💃ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞ðŸŽđ💃 ðŸŽķ🎞