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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: July 26, 2022
Taken: 5 times
Rated: G

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The Blue Square Survey 🟦

Created by joybucket and taken 5 times on Bzoink
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🟦🟦🟦 Beginning Questions! 🟦🟦🟦
Do you like the color blue?
Name three things in the room you're in that are blue.
Are you feeling blue today?
Are you wearing anything blue right now?
List three things you could make from a blue square.
👔 Shirt and Tie Emoji 👔
Do you fold your clothes before putting them in a dresser, or do you roll them, or do you just throw them in there?
Do you have a dresser, a closet, or both?
Do you own any button-up shirts?
Do you own a tie?
When was the last time you dressed up for something, and what was the event you dressed up for?
👕 Blue T-Shirt 👕
Do you own a blue t-shirt?
Are you wearing a blue shirt right now?
Think of your favorite blue t-shirt (if you own one). What does it look like? What shade of blue is it? Does it have writing on it, and if so, what does it say?
What color was the last t-shirt you wore?
What color is your favorite t-shirt?
🧊 Ice Cube Emoji 🧊
Do you normally put ice in your drinks?
Do you usually put ice in your fountain drinks at restaurants?
Have you ever been to an ice sculpture festival?
Have you ever had a finger go completely numb and turn white, because your hands were so cold? 🥶
Have you ever had to scoop ice from a cooler at work?
What are three things that you think taste best cold?
Have you ever slipped and fallen on the ice in public?
🎽 Running Shirt 🎽
Do you like to run? 🏃‍♀️
When was the last time you went for a run?
Were you on the track team in high school?
How many 5ks have you run?
How many 10ks have you run?
How often do you run?
Do you prefer to walk or run?
What is your favorite form of exercise?
Would you say you probably get enough exercise, or do you probably not?
Do you enjoy exercise?
Have you ever had a gym membership?
If yes, what is your favorite piece of gym equipment?
Would you rather run on an elliptical or run outside?
Have you ever gone running barefoot?
Can you run fast?
Do you normally bring a water bottle with you when you run?
Have you ever won a 5k, 10k, or any other race you've run? 🏅
Would you ever want to run a marathon?
💺 Airplane Seat 💺
Are you sitting on something blue right now?
What are you sitting on right now?
...and what color is whatever object you are sitting on right now?
Have you ever been on an airplane? ✈️
If yes, do you think airplane seats are comfortable?
Do you prefer to have a window seat or an aisle seat?
Have you ever flown first class?
Have you ever seen someone throw up on an airplane? 🤮
Have you ever seen a sunset from an airplane? 🌅
Where was the last place you flew to on an airplane? ✈️
Have you ever considered becoming a pilot or flight attendant? 👩‍✈️
🩻 X-Ray Emoji 🩻
Have you ever had an x-ray?
Have you ever had an x-ray to see if you had broken a bone or not?
....and did it turn out that you had a broken bone?
How many bones have you broken, and what have you broken?
Have you ever sprained your ankle?
Have you ever had to use crutches? 🩼
What is the most physically painful thing you have ever experienced?
.....and on a scale of 1-10, how painful would you say it was?
What is something you've experienced that you didn't find to be as painful as other people said it was going to be?
🗺 Map 🗺
Are you good at reading maps?
Have you ever drawn out a map for someone?
Do you ever use Google Maps or MapQuest or something similar for directions?
Do you have a GPS?
Have you ever spotted yourself on Google Earth?
🛝 Slide 🛝
Did you grow up with a swingset with a slide in your backyard?
Do you enjoy doing the Cha Cha Slide?
Have you ever been to a water park? 🛝💦
If so, what is your favorite water park that you've been to?
Do you enjoy swimming? 👙
🟦 Swimming Pool 🟦
Did you grow up in a house with a swimming pool?
Have you ever sat on innertube in a swimming pool? ⭕️
Do you know how to swim? 🏊‍♀️
Do you currently live somewhere with a swimming pool?
Do you prefer indoor pools or outdoor pools?
When was the last time you went swimming?
Have you ever taken swimming lessons?
🚎 Trolleybus Emoji 🚎
Have you ever ridden on a trolley?
When was the last time you rode a bus?
Did you ever ride a bus to school? 🚌
Does your city have a bus system?
Have you ever ridden on a bus (any kid of bus)?
🚙 Sport Utility Vehicle 🚙
Do you own an SUV?
Have you ever owned an SUV?
Have you ever driven an SUV?
Have you ever ridden in an SUV?
Have you ever driven a blue car?
🏙 Cityscape Emoji 🏙
Have you ever lived in a big city?
Do you currently live in a big city?
What is the biggest city you have visited?
Have you ever been to Chicago?
Have you ever been to New York City?
Are there any skyscrapers in your town?
What is the highest story you have lived on (first story, second story, third story, 33rd story, etc.)?
Have you ever been to a party on a rooftop?
What is the tallest building you have ever been in?
Are you afraid of heights?
Do you like big cities?
Would you ever want to live in a big city?
Do you think you'd rather live in a big city or small town?
🌃 Cityscape at Night 🌃
Have you ever walked through a big city when it was all lit up at night?
Do you feel safe walking outside at night?
Do you have a good view of the moon and stars from where you live? ✨🌙
Have you ever gone swimming under the stars? ✨
Have you ever slept under the stars? ✨
🌌 Milky Way Galaxy Emoji 🌌
Do you think that there are aliens in other galaxies? 🌌👽
If you were to invent a new galaxy, what would you name it?
What do you think would be a good name for an alien? 👽
If you were to invent a new planet, do you think you'd put a ring on it? 🪐
Do you like to eat Milky Way candy bars?
When was the last time you ate a Milky Way bar?
🛋 Couch 🛋
Are you sitting on a couch right now?
What color is your living room couch?
Do you have a couch in your bedroom?
If you have pets, are they allowed on the furniture? 🐶
Would you rather sit on the couch or sit on the floor?
Do you have a recliner in your living room?
If yes, what color is it?
How many couches are there in your home?
🛏 Bed 🛌
What color are your current bedsheets?
Did you sleep in a bed last night?
What time do you usually wake up each morning?
Do you normally wake up to an alarm? ⏰
Do you make your bed every morning?
When was the last time you made your bed?
What does your current bedspread or comforter look like?
Have you ever had a canopy above your bed?
What size bed do you have (twin, king, queen..)?
Have you ever had to share a bedroom with anyone?
Do you snore? 😴
Do you own a sleeping bag?
🗳 Ballot Box 🗳
Have you ever voted in a presidential election?
What was the first year in which you voted in a presidential election?
How closely do you follow politics?
Do you ever post about politics on social media?
Did you vote in the last presidential election?
🅿️ Parking Sign 🅿️
When was the last time you parallel parked?
Have you ever got a parking ticket?
What are three things you like that start with a P?
If you have a car, where is it parked right now?
Are you good at parking?
🛗 Elevator 🛗
Have you ever ridden on an elevator?
When was the last time you rode on an elevator?
Have you ever been stuck on an elevator?
Are you afraid of elevators?
Have you ever pushed all of the buttons on an elevator?
Do you prefer to take the elevator or take the stairs?
Would you rather ride an elevator or an escalator?
Have you ever ridden on the Tower of Terror at Disney World, the Power Tower at Cedar Point, or on a similar ride?
...and if yes, what did you think of it?
🏧 ATM Sign 🏧
Do you ever use a debit card?
When was the last time you got money from an ATM machine?
Do you ever use a credit card?
Which bank do you use?
Have you ever used PayPal?
Do you prefer online shopping or in-store shopping?
🟦🟦🟦 Final Questions! 🟦🟦🟦
What is your favorite emoji used on this survey?
What is your most used emoji of all the ones on this survey?
What was the last blue emoji you used before taking this survey?
What was the last blue thing you ate or drank?
What is one emoji used on this survey that you have never used?
What are three more things you could make from a blue square?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a phenomenal day!

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