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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: July 28, 2022
Taken: 10 times
Rated: G

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Pink Emoji True or False 👚💕🌷🛍ðŸĶĐ

Created by joybucket and taken 10 times on Bzoink
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You like to wear bows in your hair. 🎀
You used to like to wear bows in your hair, but you don't anymore. 🎀
You like the color pink. 💖
Your favorite color is pink. 💘
You used to wear a mini bow in your hair every day. 🎀
You like cherry blossom trees. ðŸŒļ
There are cherry blossom trees in your neighborhood. ðŸŒļ
....and seeing them is one of your favorite things about spring. ðŸŒļ
You're very smart. 🧠
....but you still have regrets.
...and you haven't always made the smarted decisions.
You've dyed your hair pink. ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸŽĪ
You want to learn to surf. 🏄‍♀ïļ
You've saved a ticket stub. 🎟
You like the chapel emoji. 💒
You like the silly emoji. ðŸĪŠ
You didn't know what the transgender flag looked like until just now. ðŸģïļâ€âš§ïļ
You don't know what a Petri dish is. ðŸ§Ŧ
....and you've never used this emoji, either. ðŸ§Ŧ
You've recently stuck your tongue out at someone. 😝
You're wearing pink lipstick right now. 👄
You own a pink shirt. 👚
You're wearing a pink shirt right now. 👚
You own a pink purse. 👛
You've worn a bikini recently. 👙
You've worn a bikini at the beach. 👙
You're too self-conscious or embarrassed to wear a bikini at the beach. 👙
You think pigs are cute. 🐷
...and you'd like to have one for a pet. 🐖
You own a piggy bank. 🐖
....and it's actually shaped like a pig. 🐖
You've taken ballet lessons. ðŸĐ°
You didn't know that this emoji was a "Love Hotel." ðŸĐ
You've never used this emoji before. ðŸĐ
You've stayed overnight in a hotel. ðŸĐ
You like flamingos.ðŸĶĐ
You love it when the flowers bloom in the spring.🌷
You've been to a tulip festival. 🌷
You've bought yourself a box of chocolates for Valentine's Day. 💝
....and eaten the whole thing in one sitting. ðŸĪŽ
You've been to an 80's Skate Night event. 🛞
You enjoy shopping. 🛍
....but you haven't gone clothes shopping in awhile.👚
....In fact, you haven't gone clothes shopping since before this pandemic. 😷
You've used this emoji. 💖
You have a long tongue. 👅
You've painted your nails either pink or purple. 💅
You own a coin purse. 👛
You've been a flower girl in someone's wedding. ðŸŒļ
You like water lilies. 🊷
You like roasted sweet potatoes. 🍠
You enjoy playing arcade games. 🎟
You like snow cones. 🍧
....but it's been quite awhile since you've had one.
You've kept a shopping bag just because you thought it looked pretty. 🛍
You're a girly-girl. 🎀
You love seeing all the red and pink decorations in stores for Valentine's Day. 💕
You just realized that the only flag emoji with pink in it is the transgender flag. ðŸģïļâ€âš§ïļ
You believe you've found "the one." 💘
You wonder why there's no pink circle or pink square emojis, just hearts. 💖
You've been to a wedding where they served shish-kabobs. ðŸĄ
You've watched Chronically Jaquie on YouTube. 👚ðŸĶŪðŸĐš
....and you've bought some of her merch. 👚
....and you were shocked when you found out she died.
....and you have some of the same health conditions as she did.
....and you've learned a lot from her channel and are thankful for all that she did to raise awareness about chronic illness.
....and you wish you could meet her one day.
You've never used this emoji. 💞
....or this one. 💗
...or this one. 💓
You played with Barbies as a kid. ðŸ‘ąâ€â™€ïļðŸ‘š
You've lived in a home with pink carpet. 💖
You think conversation hearts taste like chalk. 💕
You're wearing something pink right now. 👚
You don't think you've ever seen a pink apartment. 💘
You wouldn't be opposed to painting your house pink. ðŸĄðŸ’–
....and putting plastic flamingos out in the front yard. ðŸĶĐ
You've worn bright pink lipstick. 💄💖
You used to go to church, but now you don't. 💒
You got married in a wedding chapel. 💒
You want to get married in a wedding chapel. 💒
You went to a Christian school. 💒
Your favorite shade of pink is fuchsia. 💖
Your favorite shade of pink is bubblegum pink. 👚
Your favorite shade of pink is light pink. ðŸŒļ
....or very light pink. 🐖
Spring is your favorite season. ðŸŒļ
You have spring allergies. ðŸĪ§ ðŸŒļ
You're feminine. ðŸŒļ
You were born in the spring. 🌷🎂
You own a shirt with a heart on it. 💘
You own a pillow that's shaped like a heart. 💝
....and it's pink. 💖
You like glittery and sparkly things. 💖
You've been made fun of for your weight and called names like "Miss Piggy." 🐷
You've eaten a lot and then been called a "pig." 🐷
You can see a pink flower from where you're sitting right now. ðŸŒļ
You enjoy shopping at Forever 21 and other similar stores. 🛍
You think they should make more pink emojis. 🌷ðŸĶĐ👛
You enjoyed this survey. 💖
💕🎀🌷 I hope you have a lovely day! ðŸŒļ💘🎟