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Author: joybucket
Created: July 29, 2022
Taken: 15 times
Rated: G

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The Letter A (True or False)

Created by joybucket and taken 15 times on Bzoink
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You live in the United States of America. 🇚ðŸ‡ļ
You're ambidextrous. ✍ïļ
You know someone who is ambidextrous. ✍ïļ
You have a cousin named Amber.
You enjoy watching airplanes fly across the sky. ✈ïļ
You have an adventurous spirit. ðŸĪļ‍♀ïļ
You've worked with someone named Adam.
You've had a friend named Amanda.
Your friend's little sister's name is Ashley.
You've eaten an apple recently. 🍎
You like Asian food. 🍜
You own an abacus. ðŸ§Ū
You used to watch the TV show Allegra's Window.
You're familiar with the story of Adam and Eve.
You don't believe that humans evolved from apes. ðŸĶ§
You think "acquiescence" is a cool word.
You've lived in an apartment.
You currently live in an apartment.
You've lived in a home with an attic.
...but you've never been in the attic.
You enjoy acting.
You enjoy watching action movies.
You have a lot of attitude.
You have a cousin named Annabelle.
Your first name starts with an A.
Your middle name starts with an A.
Your middle name is Ann.
Your middle name is Anne.
Your middle name is Autumn.
You've had a friend named Autumn.
Your favorite season is autumn. 🍁
You went to school with someone named Abby.
You've dated someone named Alex.
You've been to an aquarium. 🐠
You have asthma.
You have allergies. ðŸĪ§
You've ridden on an Amtrak train. 🚊
No one ever guesses your age right.
...because you don't look your age.
You were born in April. 🎂
You're an Aries. ♈ïļ
You said the Pledge of Allegiance in school. ðŸŦ
You listen to Ariana Grande.
You listen to Avril Lavigne.
You used to watch The Amanda Show. 💃
....and you thought it was hilarious. ðŸĪĢ
You've been to Amsterdam.
You live in North America.
You've been to South America.
You've been to Asia.
You live in Australia. ðŸ‡Ķ🇚
You've been told you have an accent.
You like the name Allison.
You've seen the aurora borealis.
You like the name Aurora.
You've met someone named Aurora.
You believe that people can have auras.
...and that some people can see auras.
You can sometimes sense other people's auras.
You can see other people's auras.
Someone has told you what color your aura is.
...and you believed them.
You have a neighbor named Amy.
You enjoyed reading Anne of Green Gables.
...and you're a redhead like Anne. ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸĶ°
...and you have a big imagination like Anne. 🌈
You went to school with someone named Antonio.
....and also someone named Antonia.
You've seen someone at the grocery store dressed like Abraham Lincoln.
You've shopped at Aeropostale. 👚
You've had a friend named Andy.
You've gotten straight A's in a class before.
You've been anemic. ðŸĐļ
You enjoy looking at art. 🖞
You enjoy creating art. ðŸŽĻ
You find ants to be annoying. 🐜
....but they don't bother you that much.
You've owned an ant farm. 🐜
You're an aunt.
You have a favorite aunt.
You've worn Apple-bottom jeans. 👖
You own something from Anthropologie.
You sometimes curse when you're angry. ðŸĪŽ
You like the word "allegory."
You read the Amber Brown books when you were younger.
You owned an American Girl doll when you were younger.
You used to have a subscription to American Girl magazine.
You own a shirt from American Eagle Outfitters. 👕
You've taken Adderall before. 💊
...and you didn't like how it made you feel.
You either have or have had ADD or ADHD. ðŸĪŠ
You've been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.
You believe you were misdiagnosed with ADD or ADHD.
You had severe ADHD when you were younger, but your parents wouldn't let you take medication for it. 💊
...and they said you had something else instead.
You've considered joining the Army.
You're currently sitting in an armchair.
You enjoy playing Apples to Apples. 🍏
You've eaten at Applebee's. 🍎
You think YouTube has too many ads.
You got an allowance when you were younger. ðŸ’ĩ
You've gone to the basement when the air-raid siren went off. ðŸ“Ē
You owned an A*Teens album when you were younger. ðŸ’ŋ
You've seen the A*Teens in concert.
Your favorite TV show growing up was All That. ðŸĪŠ
You've watched American Idol. ðŸŽĪ
You watched the very first season of American Idol. ðŸŽĪ
You've auditioned for American Idol. ðŸŽĪ
You own an amplifier.
You've broken your arm.
You've been to an art museum. 🖞
You enjoyed this survey.
I hope you have an amazing day!