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Author: joybucket
Created: August 9, 2022
Taken: 11 times
Rated: G

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Survey of Pink Emojis! πŸŒΈπŸ’–πŸŒ·πŸ¦©

Created by joybucket and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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πŸ‘š Pink Shirt πŸ‘š
Do you own a pink shirt?
What color shirt are you wearing right now?
Would you rather shop at Aeropostale or American Eagle Outfitters?
In the summer, which do you wear more: sleeveless shirts or shortsleeved shirts?
Would you rather shop at Kohl's or Hollister?
πŸ‘™ Bikini πŸ‘™
When was the last time you went to the beach? 🏝
Do you prefer outdoor swimming pools or indoor swimming pools?
Do you own a bikini?
When was the last time you wore a bikini?
Do you feel self-conscious in a bikini?
Would you rather wear a bikini or a one-piece swimsuit, and why?
🐷 Pig 🐷
Have you ever had a pet pig?
If not, would you ever want a pet pig?
What do you think would be a good name for a pig?
What is your favorite farm animal?
Have you ever lived on a farm?
Have you ever milked a cow? πŸ„
🩰 Ballet 🩰
Have you ever taken a ballet class?
...and if yes, did you like it?
Did you ever take dance lessons as a kid, and if yes, what was your favorite type of dance that you took?
Have you ever worn a tutu?
...and if yes, what color was it?
Do you currently own a tutu?
Have you ever taken a pointe class?
Do you currently own a pair of ballet slippers?
πŸŽ€ Pink Bow πŸŽ€
When was the last time you wore a bow in your hair?
Would you consider yourself girly?
Would you consider yourself feminine?
What are three things you like that are pink?
What are three things in the room you're in now that are pink?
πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ Pink Hair πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€
Have you ever dyed your hair pink?
If not, would you ever dye your hair pink?
If you have dyed your hair pink, did you think it looked good on you?
What color is your hair currently?
...and what is its natural color?
Do you like your natural hair color?
πŸ› Shopping Bags πŸ›
Do you enjoy shopping? πŸ›’
Does your town have a mall in it?
What were your favorite stores at the mall when you were in high school?
What are your favorite stores now?
Do you own any designer clothing?
🌷 Tulip 🌷
Do you like tulips?
What are three things you like about spring?
What are three things you dislike about spring?
Would you rather dance in the rain or play in the mud? β˜”οΈ
Do you enjoy going for walks in the rain?
Have you ever been to a tulip festival?
Do a lot of tulips bloom in your town in the spring?
🌸 Cherry Blossom 🌸
Do you like cherry blossom trees?
Do you like cherries? πŸ’
Have you ever been to a cherry blossom festival?
Would you rather eat strawberries or cherries? πŸ“πŸ’
Do you know anyone named Cheri?
🎟 Ticket Stub 🎟
What are three different bands or music groups you have seen in concert? 🎢
What is one thing you've won at an arcade?
Do you currently own anything that you won at an arcade, and if so, what?
Have you ever won a prize in a raffle drawing?
Do you save ticket stubs?
🦩 Flamingo 🦩
Would you ever put plastic pink flamingos out in your front yard as decoration?
Would you ever paint your house pink? 🏑
What do you think would be a good name for a flamingo?
What are three ways in which you are flamboyant?
...and what are three ways in which you are not flamboyant?
Have you ever seen a real live flamingo in person?
πŸ‘› Coin Purse πŸ‘›
Do you own a mini coin purse?
When was the last time you flipped a coin to help you make a decision? πŸͺ™
What color is the purse you use most of the time?
Have you ever owned a designer purse?
Do you prefer clutches, handheld purses, or cross-body purses? πŸ‘œ
πŸ– Piggy Bank πŸ–
Do you own a piggy bank?
...and if yes, is it shaped like a pig?
....and is it pink?
Have you ever owned a piggy bank?
What did your favorite piggy bank that you owned as a kid look like?
πŸ’– Pink Sparkling Heart πŸ’–
Have you ever used this emoji?
What are three things you like that are sparkly?
When was the last time you drank sparkling water?
What is your favorite flavor of sparkling water to drink?
Do you ever wear glitter nail polish? πŸ’… ✨
πŸ‘… Tongue πŸ‘…
Can you touch your nose to your tongue?
Do you have a long tongue?
Make up a tongue twister using a random letter.
Can you make a clover with your tongue? ☘️
When was the last time you stuck your tongue out at someone? πŸ˜›
🧠 Brain 🧠
Do you prefer crossword puzzles, word searches, or sudoku puzzles?
Would you rather be a creative and artistic genius or a mathematical and scientific genius? πŸ’‘
Are you a genius? πŸ’‘
Are you more right-brained (creative), left-brained (logical), or whole-brained?
Do you ever get migraines?
Have you ever had a migraine with aura?
Do you ever get migraines with numbness in random parts of your body?
πŸ’’ Wedding Chapel πŸ’’
When was the last time you attended a wedding, and whose wedding was it?
Have you ever had a friend of yours not invite you to their wedding?
What is your favorite color for bridesmaid's dresses? πŸ‘—
If you're married, how many years have you been married?
If you're not married, do you hope to be married soon?
πŸ’• Pink Hearts πŸ’•
How are you feeling today?
What has been the best thing about your day so far?
Have you spent any time in the sun today? β˜€οΈ
What do you love the most about your life right now?
What do you hate the most about your life right now?
πŸŒΈπŸ‘™πŸ’–πŸŽ€πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€ Final Questions! πŸŒΈπŸ¦©πŸ‘›πŸ›πŸŒ·
Do you like the color pink?
What was the last thing you wore that was pink?
Do you think pink looks good on you?
What's your favorite shade of pink?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a pleasant day! πŸ’–