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Author: joybucket
Created: August 11, 2022
Taken: 4 times
Rated: G

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Which Lauren Daigle song are you? βœοΈπŸ’ƒ 🎢

Created by joybucket and taken 4 times on Bzoink
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You Say β˜€οΈ
You keep fighting voices in your mind that say you're not enough.
You feel inadequate, like you don't measure up.
You've suffered from low self-esteem.
You know that God loves you, even though you don't always feel loved.
Sometimes you feel weak, inadequate, helpless, and lost.
......but you know that God sees you as strong, worthy, powerful, and beloved.
.....and you believe that what God says about you is true, and that who He sees you as is who you really are.
You find your identity in Christ; you are who God says you are! ✝️
You know that God's opinion is the only opinion that will matter in the end.
You're surrendering everything to God- every failure, every victory.
Look Up Child β˜€οΈ
You often feel discouraged.
There are a lot of things about God and the way He works that you don't understand.
Sometimes you feel like you're overtaken by darkness.
You feel like your life is falling apart.
You don't always feel close to God.
...but you know He's there.
You are a child of God.
The Holy Spirit encourages you when time are hard.
You will look up, and you will keep looking up, even in the darkest of times!
Sometimes you have trouble staying positive.
Come Alive (Dry Bones) πŸ’€
You've been told a lot of lies.
...and you've believed a lot of lies, too.
....but you know that even though things may seem hopeless, all is not lost, because God is in control and on your side.
You know there is more to come that we may not yet see.
You don't pretend to know everything, because you know you still have a lot left to learn.
You are putting your faith in God to rescue you from the evil one when you step out in faith.
You feel dead, like you've had your dreams beaten out of you and you've been buried in the ground.
....but you believe that God can restore hope again, resurrect dead dreams, and restore back all that was lost.
...and you're prophesying over your dead hopes and dreams, telling them to come alive again.
You're familiar with Ezekiel 37. πŸ“–
How Can It Be πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ
You feel ashamed of some of the things you've done.
You feel ashamed of who you've become.
You've been hiding.
Sometimes you doubt that God loves you, and you have trouble believing that God could ever love you.
You need God's grace in order to survive.
You rely on the power of God to get you through each day.
You believe that your sins have been forgiven. ✝️
....and that Jesus died to save you.
You believe that Jesus died so you could live.
You're so thankful for the mercy and grace of God, because you wouldn't be alive without it.
Trust in You πŸ™
You've tried to do things on your own and found out that you couldn't.
You often feel exhausted.
You're thankful that no matter what you face, God is right there by your side.
You will trust in God no matter what happens!
You're ready to surrender everything to Christ, and you're laying it all down at his feet. ✝️
You've discovered that there is no life apart from Christ, and so you're surrendering! ✝️
The Lord is your strength and comfort.
The Lord is your firm foundation, the rock on which you stand. πŸͺ¨
You believe that God's ways are always higher than our ways and better than our ways.
....and you will trust in Him!
O'Lord πŸŽ™
You often feel lonely. 😞
Sometimes it seems like you're coming undone. 🀯
....but no matter what, you will always stand your ground.
Although life may be hard now, you believe that it will all be worth it in the end.
You've been crying out to God in desperation.
....and you know He hears your cry.
You've cried out to God in desperation many times.
You will never give up hope, no matter what.
You believe that in the end, God will take all that is wrong and make it right.
You've been crying out to God and asking, "Why?"
Still Rolling Stones πŸͺ¨
You believe that Jesus rose from the dead.
You've felt like you were buried six feet under and that your life was over.
....but then you heard God calling you to rise up, and all at once you came alive.
You sing because Jesus gave you a song!
You had thought that you were too far gone for God to save you.
.....but then He proved you wrong!
You once felt dead inside, but now you feel alive!
You have dreams that have died.
...but you believe they can be resurrected.
You're thankful that it's not too late, and God's not done with you yet!
Losing My Religion β›ͺ️
You've pretended to be someone you're not.
....and you're tired of hiding who you really are from the world.
You've realized that most people are fake.
....and you don't want to be like that.
You're not interested in performance-based religion.
....because you want the real thing.
You've decided you're done doing what other people say you should do and acting the way other people say you should act.
...because there's more to life than appearances.
....and you don't want to be fake anymore; you want to be authentic.
You're seeking Christ for direction instead of other people, because you don't want to be like other Christians-- you want to be like Christ.
Rebel Heart πŸ’˜
You don't want to fight with God anymore.
...so you're giving him your rebel heart.
You can be rebellious and stubborn.
Your heart belongs to God.
You like the worship song "I Surrender All."
...and you're surrendering all to Christ.
Sometimes you're hesitant to do things you know you should do.
You were rebellious as a teenager.
You were rebellious as a child.
You've been fighting and arguing with God.
Love Like This πŸ’˜
You feel like God is the complete opposite of you.
You feel unworthy of love.
You've encountered the love of God.
...and you're so thankful.
....and you feel you owe everything to Him.
...because He gave you a love you don't deserve.
You want to tell the world of God's love.
You're thankful that God is nothing like you.
...because you know His way is better.
You believe God is pursuing you.
Which Lauren Daigle song are you according to this survey?
Have you heard that song before?
Do you like that song?
Do you feel you can relate to that song?
What is your favorite song by Lauren Daigle?
Which of her songs, if any, do you think I should include next?
When was the last time you went to church? β›ͺ️
Have you ever sang a Lauren Daigle song in church?
Do you remember watching her American Idol audition?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a glorious day!