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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: August 13, 2022
Taken: 8 times
Rated: G

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The Colorful Square Survey! ðŸŸĨ🟧ðŸŸĻðŸŸĐðŸŸĶ🟊

Created by joybucket and taken 8 times on Bzoink
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ðŸŸĨ🟧ðŸŸĻ Beginning Questions! ðŸŸĐðŸŸĶ🟊
What is your favorite color?
Have you ever used any of the colorful square emojis?
What is your least favorite color?
If you had to pick your top three favorite colors, what would they be?
What color is the carpet in your living room?
Do you own a TV? 📚
Do you own a computer? ðŸ’ŧ
Do you own a phone? ðŸ“ą
Do you know how to square dance?
What are three things in the room you're in right now that are very colorful?
Do you like to wear bright colors?
Do you ever wear bright-colored eyeshadow?
Have you ever been to Times Square?
Are you a fan of SpongeBob SquarePants ðŸ§―ðŸ‘€ðŸ‘–
🟧ðŸŸĻðŸŸĨ Starburst ðŸŸĻ🟧👛👛
Do you like Starbursts?
Which color Starburst is your favorite? Are the pink ones your favorite?
Hav you ever made a smoothie that tastes just like a pink starburst? (I did once by accident!)
When was the last time you ate a Starburst?
What was the last type of candy you ate?
📚ðŸŸĻðŸĪŠ Nick Jr. with Face 😃ðŸŸĨ📚
Did you ever watch Nick Jr. with Face?
What were some of your favorite Nick Jr. shows as a kid?
Did you grow up watching Nickelodeon?
Would you ever want to get slimed? ðŸĶ 
What were your favorite shows to watch as a kid?
Xylophone ðŸŸĨðŸŸĻðŸŸĐðŸŸĶ📍
Have you ever played the xylophone?
Have you ever played the recorder?
....or the triangle?
Did you enjoy music class as a kid?
Do you think they should make a xylophone emoji?
ðŸŸĨ🟧ðŸŸĻ Tetris ðŸŸĐðŸŸĶ🟊
Have you ever played Tetris on your phone?ðŸ“ą
What was the last game you played on your phone?
What is your favorite game to play on your phone?
What is your favorite arcade game?
Do you enjoy playing arcade games?
🌠🏞🎆 Stamps 🌇🎑🌄
Have you ever had a stamp collection?
When was the last time you wrote someone a letter?
When was the last time you purchased stamps from the post office? ðŸĪ
Do you own a stationary set?
Do you enjoy writing letters? 📝
ðŸŸĻðŸŸĻðŸŸĻ Yellow Brick Road ðŸŸĻðŸŸĻðŸŸĻ
Are there any brick roads in your town?
Have you ever driven down a brick road?
Have you ever walked down a brick road?
Have you ever lived in a brick house?
Have you ever seen The Wizard of Oz?
Did you ever play with LEGOs as a kid?
Have you ever stepped on a lego?
Did you ever own a lego keychain?
Do you still play with legos?
What are three things you like that start with an L?
Did you ever own one of those play mats that was made of foam squares that fit together?
When was the last time you played with a little kid?
Do you still feel like a kid inside? ðŸĪļ‍♀ïļ
What are three ways in which you are childlike?
....and what are three ways in which you are not childlike?
🟊 ðŸŸĶ Throw Pillows 🟊 ðŸŸĶ
Do you own any throw pillows?
What does one of your favorite throw pillows look like?
Have you ever made a throw pillow?
Do you own any fuzzy pillows?
How many pillows do you normally sleep with? 🛌
🎁 Gifts 🟊🎀
Have you ever started making your Christmas list in July?
What are three material things that you would like to receive as gifts (new house, new car, gift cards, etc.)?
What are three non-material things you would like to receive as gifts (love, joy, peace, superpowers, a new boyfriend, etc.)?
Are you gifted?
Has anyone ever told you you are gifted?
....and if yes, did you believe them?
🌇🎆🏞 Instagram Photos 🌠🎑🌄
Do you use Instagram?
What app do you use to edit photos on your phone? ðŸ“ą
Do you enjoy editing photos?
When was the last time you posted a picture on Instagram?
....and what was it of?
🟧ðŸŸĨðŸŸĐ🟊 Nightclub Flashing Dance Floor ðŸŸĶ🟊🟧ðŸŸĐ
Have you ever been to a nightclub?
Do you think you are a good dancer? 💃🕚
When was the last time you showed off your moves on the dance floor?
If you were given the opportunity to compete on Dancing with the Stars (or a similar show), would you take it?
What's one song that always makes you want to dance?
🖞 Artwork 🖞
Do you enjoy painting? ðŸŽĻ
When was the last time you painted something?
...and what did you paint?
Do you prefer oil paints, acrylics, or watercolors?
Have you ever sold a piece of artwork?
Have you ever had your work displayed in an art gallery?
📅 🌠🎆 Advent Calendar 🎑🌃📅
Have you ever owned an advent calendar?
What's your favorite type of advent calendar? Do you prefer the ones with little chocolates behind the doors or the ones with little quotes or pictures?
Have you ever made your own advent calendar?
Do you celebrate Christmas? 🎄
Are you currently counting down the days to anything, and if so, what?
â™ŋïļðŸˆŊïļâ˜ŪïļðŸˆļðŸˆĩ Completely Random Emojis 🛃âœģïļðŸˆšïļðŸ›ðŸ†˜
Have you ever used any of the random little square emojis?
Do you use emojis a lot?
Do you know how to speak Japanese?
What are three things in the room you're in right now that are square?
Did you own a set of wooden building blocks as a kid?
📕📗📘 Books 📙📘📒
Do you like to read?
What was that name of the main character in the last book you read?
What's your favorite book?
Would you rather read fiction or non-fiction?
What's your favorite book you had to read for school?
🟊ðŸŸĐðŸŸĻ Eyeshadow Palette ðŸŸĨðŸŸĻ🟧 🖌
Do you own an eyeshadow palette?
When was the last time you wore eyeshadow?
What is your favorite color eyeshadow to wear?
When was the last time you wore makeup?
Do you think you look better with makeup on?
ðŸŸĨ🟧ðŸŸĻ Final Questions! ðŸŸĐðŸŸĶ🟊
What are three more things you could make using colorful squares?
Are you happy at the moment?
What is the weather like today where you are?
Do you enjoy scrapbooking?
What color was your first laptop?
Do you own a heating pad, and if so, what color is it?
What color is your kitchen table?
What is the most colorful thing you are wearing right now?
Would you ever want unicorn hair (aka hair that's dyed multiple bright colors)? ðŸĶ„
Are you wearing mismatched socks? ðŸ§Ķ
What color was the last chair you sat on?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
I hope you have a colorful day! 🌈