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Author: joybucket
Created: November 21, 2022
Taken: 7 times
Rated: PG

Words that end in UM [True or False]

Created by joybucket and taken 7 times on Bzoink
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You often say, "Um..." 😐
You can play the drums. 🥁
You call your mom you "mum."
You think you're dumb.
You like to drink rum. 🍹
You've recently taken Tums.
You like to chew gum.
You frequently chew gum.
You're currently chewing gum.
Your gums often bleed when you brush your teeth. 🪥
You hate it when people treat you like scum.
You like to hum.
You're feeling glum. 🙁
You grew up in a slum.
In your kitchen drawer, there is some foil made of aluminum.
You like the name Tatum.
You know someone named Tatum.
You have a friend who named her daughter Alyssum.
Your favorite season is autumn. 🍁
You've been to Belgium. 🇧🇪
You're in a conundrum.
You enjoy posting in the forums.
You've recently looked through a photo album.
You own at least one photo album.
You've recently used a vacuum.
You find most museums boring.
You've been to see a medium. 👻
You've talked funny after inhaling helium.
You've been labeled a hoodlum.
You don't have a sternum.
You've met someone who was born without a sternum.
You've babysat a toddler who was throwing a tantrum.
You've planted geraniums.
You've visited an aquarium.
You like the song "Titanium."
Your favorite lipstick color to wear is plum.
You take a magnesium supplement daily.
You remember school assemblies in a gymnasium.
You've visited a Roman colosseum.
You remember when everyone was preparing for the new millennium.
You've ridden on Millennium Force at Cedar Point. 🎢
You like the word "pandemonium."
You've experienced postpartum depression.
You've felt alone in the middle of a crowded auditorium.
You were homeschooled, and your mom used the Bob Jones curriculum.
You've lived in a condominium.
You currently live in a condominium.
You've been to a planetarium. 🪐
You know the meaning of the word "equilibrium."
You have no idea what the "xiphisternum" is.
Something on your body is currently numb.
You still suck your thumb.
Your toes often go numb.
Your fingers often feel numb.
The back of your head sometimes goes completely numb.
You just learned that a female egg cell is called an "ovum."
You've strummed on a guitar. 🎸
You're a university alum.
You've recently made a new chum. [chum=friend]
It's been awhile since you've made a new chum.
You know what the acronym PHUM stands for.
You've been to a city named Izium.
You've had your septum pierced.
You want to have your septum pierced.
You've read the book of Nahum. 📖
You still own the very first album that you purchased. 💿
You've written a letter to an advice columnist.
You enjoyed reading advice columns in magazines when you were younger.
You've used vellum when stamping or scrapbooking.
You've made a speech while standing behind a podium.
You've spent time in an insane asylum.
You try to choose foods that are low in sodium. 🧂
You've been told you have low potassium.
There's a room in your house that you call the "atrium."
You own a shirt that's a size medium. 👚
You've punctured your eardrum. 👂
You've cheered on a team from the bleachers of a sports stadium.
There's been a photo editing app you used and liked so much, you purchased Premium.
At summer camp, you stayed in a cabin called Trillium.
You know the meaning of the medical term "oogonium."
You're chewing bubblegum.
You've gotten bubblegum stuck in your hair.
You know the meaning of the word "ultimatum."
In a marching band, you've played the bass drum.
In a marching band, you've played the snare drum. 🥁
You march to the beat of your own drum. 🥁
You've accidentally swallowed a piece of gum.
You enjoyed this survey.
I hope you have a wonderful day! 💃

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