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Author: joybucket
Created: December 4, 2022
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Boxes 📦 [True or False]

Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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You can see a cardboard box from where you're sitting right now. 📦
You own an Xbox. 🎮
You owned a boombox when you were younger.
You still own a boombox.
You've used a cereal box for a craft project for school.
You've used a cereal box for a craft project just for fun.
You've made a magazine holder out of a cereal box.
You've wrapped a box in wrapping paper. 🎁
You've wrapped a gift in something that wasn't tissue paper or wrapping paper.
You've eaten a box of chocolate by yourself. 💝
You've been given a box of chocolates. 💝
You have old photographs stored in boxes.
You keep holiday decorations stored in boxes. 📦
You've done a craft project using a cardboard box. 📦
You've made a Halloween costume out of a cardboard box. 📦
You played House in a giant cardboard box as a kid. 📦
You know how to box. 🥊
You enjoy watching boxing matches. 🥊
You own a boxing glove. 🥊
You've decorated a wooden box.
You've purchased a decorative box from Michael's.
The last thing you ate came in a box.
You've drank a juicebox as an adult. 🧃
You loved drinking juiceboxes as a kid. 🧃
You've played a song on a jukebox.
You own a jukebox.
You've eaten at a diner that had a jukebox.
You have a box of random stuff in your home. 📦
Your mom sometimes sends you care packages. 📦
You can see an Amazon box from where you're sitting right now. 📦
You frequently make Amazon purchases.
You have an Amazon Prime account.
You own a set of mini gift boxes. 🎁
You've saved a heart-shaped chocolate box you really liked. 💝
You think outside the box. 🦄
You've had an art teacher who was always encouraging everyone to think outside of the box.
You've eaten at Jack in the Box.
You own a jack-in-the-box when you were a kid.
You've competed in a boxing match. 🥊
You've been to a professional boxing game. 🥊
You enjoy watching boxing matches on TV. 🥊
You own something from the brand Joe Boxer.
You know which store sells items from the brand Joe Boxer.
You can picture the Joe Boxer logo in your head.
You're wearing boxers.
You wear boxers often.
You own a pair of boxer shorts. 🩳
As a kid, you owned a jewelry box that played music.
....and that had a spinning ballerina inside.
You currently own a jewelry box.
You keep your makeup in a box.
You keep your hair accessories in a box.
You keep your jewelry in a box.
You keep your homemade masks in a box. 😷
You've decorated a shoebox for a craft project.
You own a star-shaped box. ⭐️
You've decoupaged pictures onto a box.
You've painted a box.
You've received a care package when you were away at college.
You like to store things in boxes. 📦
You often store things in plastic containers rather than boxes.
You've donated a box of items to Goodwill. 📦
You've lived in a college dorm, and there was a free bin in the hallway.
You've mailed a package to your Secret Santa.
Your mom puts a lot of extra tape on packages. 📦
You're good at beatboxing.
You've tried beatboxing.
....but you don't know if you're good at it.
You enjoyed drawing pictures of boxes as a kid, because you thought it was fun to draw three-dimensional objects.
You've made a box out of paper.
The last gift you received came in a box.
You don't remember if the last gift you received came in a box or not.
The last gift you received was something that can't be bought at a store.
You've bought yourself a box of chocolates. 💝
You have a box of random magazine clippings.
There is a box of matches somewhere in your home.
There is a breadbox on your kitchen counter.
There are boxes in your attic.
There are boxes in your basement.
There are boxes in your closet.
You have boxes of stuff in a storage unit.
You read The Boxcar Children books when you were younger. 📚
You've ridden in a boxcar on a train. 🚃
You've shaken a box to try to guess what was inside. 🎁
There is a box filled with teabags in your kitchen right now.
You liked to eat macaroni and cheese that comes in a box.
You think Chinese takeout boxes look cool. 🥡
You keep out-of-season clothes in a box. 👚
You've been called a chatterbox.
You've recently played a game on an Xbox. 🎮
You've recently played a video game, but it wasn't on an Xbox. 🎮
You want to think outside of the box more.
You've been inside of a boxing ring.
You own a Barbie doll that you've kept in the box.
You've helped someone else move. 📦
You've packed things in boxes when you were moving. 📦
It's been awhile since you last moved.
You've recently moved.
You've used a giant box for a gender reveal party.
You currently feel trapped; you feel boxed in.
You've recently felt boxed in.
You enjoy this out-of-the-box survey.
I hope you have an out-of-the-box day! 💃