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About This Survey

Author: joybucket
Created: January 15, 2023
Taken: 12 times
Rated: G

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Which type of food are you? 🍕ðŸģðŸĨ—

Created by joybucket and taken 12 times on Bzoink
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🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
🍕 Pizza 🍕
You like pizza.
You've recently eaten pizza.
You've ordered a pizza by yourself and then eaten it all by yourself.
It often seems like you're everyone's favorite.
You're often found at parties.
You're Italian. ðŸ‡ŪðŸ‡đ
There is a Z in your name.
You've worked at a pizza parlor.
You're very outgoing and are known for being the life of the party.
Someone has told you you're they're favorite person (or one of their favorite people).
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
ðŸĨ  Fortune Cookie ðŸĨ 
You like fortune cookies. ðŸĨ 
You've recently eaten at a Chinese restaurant.
You're Chinese. ðŸ‡ĻðŸ‡ģ
You've saved a fortune from a fortune cookie, because you really liked it.
You always try to look on the bright side of things.
...and you're known for your positivity and joyful spirit!
You've been very fortunate to have experienced a blessed, good, abundant, full and fulfilling life.
You keep a lot hidden inside of you that most people don't know about.
....but you think if they really got to know you, they'd like you.
You're very kind-hearted and caring, always wishing others the best and trying to make others feel blessed.
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
ðŸą Sushi ðŸĢ
You like sushi.
You've recently eaten sushi.
You're Japanese. ðŸ‡ŊðŸ‡ĩ
You liked to roll around a lot as a kid.
You've met someone named Nori.
You're a risk-taker.
You're not afraid or hesitant to be real and raw, to let others see the real, raw, transparent and true you.
You're very proud of yourself for all you've accomplished lately; you feel like you're on a roll!
You eat rice with just about every meal. 🍚
Your name ends in "i."
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
ðŸĨ— Salad ðŸĨ—
You like to eat salads.
You've recently eaten a salad.
You're a health nut.
You've worked at a salad bar.
You love fashion, and you often get complimented on your dressing. 👗
There's a lot more to you than meets the eye.
You like to think that you're making a positive impact in others' lives.
You have a mixture of hobbies and interests.
Sometimes you have trouble deciding what to wear.
Some people feel intimidated by you, because they think you're too perfect, too much of a health nut, too nice, etc.
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
ðŸĻ Ice Cream ðŸĶ
You can be very sweet, but you can also be very cold.
You like ice cream.
You've recently eaten ice cream.
You like to scream. ðŸ˜ą
You like to make other people scream. ðŸ˜ą
You've scooped ice cream at work. ðŸĻ
You and cake go very well together. 🎂
You love celebrating birthdays. ðŸĨģ
You're wearing something cream-colored right now.
You enjoy ice skating. â›ļïļ
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
ðŸĨœ Peanuts ðŸĨœ
You like peanuts.
You've recently eaten peanuts (or something with peanuts or peanut butter in it).
You're a fan of Snoopy and the entire Peanuts gang.
You've flown on an airplane. ✈ïļ
Some people act like they are allergic to you; they go crazy and start attacking you for no reason whenever they come in contact with you.
You love peanut butter.
You're nuts. ðŸĪŠ
....and others would agree that you are nuts. ðŸĪŠ
Some people love you, and others are allergic to you.
You're small.
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
🧀 Cheese 🧀
You like cheese.
You've recently eaten cheese.
You've told a lot of cheesy jokes.
You're wearing something yellow right now.
Macaroni and cheese is one of your favorite foods!
You always try to be yourself, even though you can be socially awkward sometimes.
You've found a mouse in your house. ðŸĄ 🐁
You've set up a booby trap for someone to walk into as a prank.
....and then you got them real good!
You've been complimented on your taste.
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
🍎 Candy 🍎
You like candy.
You've recently eaten candy.
You've worked at a candy shop.
You're sure you own something from the Candies brand.
You like the song "I Want Candy" by Aaron Carter.
Halloween is your favorite holiday. ðŸ‘ŧ 🎃
You're sweet on the inside and outside, and people have told you this (or something similar).
Little kids love you.
You've gone trick-or-treating.
You've handed out candy on Halloween.
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
💎 💖 Conversation Hearts 💜 💎
You like conversation hearts.
You ate conversation hearts last Valentine's Day.
You enjoy making conversation with your neighbors.
You've been told you're gifted socially and/or you're good at making conversation with people.
You often use txt spk. 💎
You enjoyed drawing on the sidewalk with chalk as a kid.
You often daydream about your crush. ðŸ˜ŧ
Valentine's Day is your favorite holiday. 💕
You've hung up a heart garland in your home to decorate for Valentine's Day.
You're quiet, but you have a lot to say.
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
ðŸģ Eggs ðŸĨš
You like eggs.
You've recently eaten eggs.
Just like Humpty Dumpty, you feel you've had a great fall.
...and you've tried to put yourself back together again, but you haven't been able to figure out how.
You've been called an egghead. ðŸĨš
You enjoyed coloring Easter eggs as a kid.
You've hidden Easter eggs for someone else to find.
You like to lay out in the sun and get fried.
Sometimes you act tough, but you're soft on the inside.
You often put things off, and then you're scrambling around at the last minute to get things done or to get where you need to be.
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
Which type of food are you according to this survey?
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
Are you happy with your result?
Do you like that food?
When was the last time you had that food to eat?
What is one thing you think tastes good with that food?
What are three ways in which you feel you resemble that food?
...and what are three ways in which you don't?
What is your favorite food?
What is your favorite food among the ones on this survey?
How often do you cook? ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸģ
How often do you bake? ðŸ‘Đ‍ðŸģ
What is your favorite food to cook?
Do you enjoy cooking? ðŸŦ•
Would you rather cook or bake?
Have you ever worked in food service?
...and if yes, did you like it?
What was the last food you ate?
What is your favorite meal of the day?
Do you normally eat breakfast? ðŸĨž
What are three of the foods you eat the most often?
What is your favorite dessert?
How many days a week do you normally go grocery shopping?
Which food(s), if any, do you think I should include next?
And last but not least, did you enjoy this survey?
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰
😋 I hope you have a scrumptious day! 😋
🍎🍇ðŸĨŽðŸĨðŸ§€ðŸģ🍔🍕ðŸĨ—ðŸœðŸąðŸĪ🍧ðŸĨ ðŸŽ‚ðŸĨœðŸ­ðŸ°ðŸĨŸðŸĨŦðŸŒŪ🌭ðŸĨ“ðŸĨžðŸĨĻðŸĨ•ðŸðŸ‰