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Author: brelee
Created: January 24, 2023
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike? (01/24/2023)

Created by brelee and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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You've been waking up early almost daily.
You skip breakfast.
Your favorite meal is lunch.
You've been eating a lot of spinach.
You have multiple pets.
You think life would be pointless without your pets.
It seems that the little things in life help keep you going.
You want to dye your hair.
Your hair is mostly your natural color now.
In the past year, you've learned something about yourself that you're still trying to process.
You're autistic.
You have ADHD.
You suffer from severe anxiety and panic disorder.
You've experimented with many medications for them not to work.
You have major depressive disorder.
Mentally, you are always struggling.
It's hard for you to do basic tasks.
You take multiple prescription medications.
You see doctors frequently.
You've struggled with anemia your whole life.
You have thyroid issues.
Weight gain has been your biggest health issue recently.
You seem to be doing somewhat better mentally recently.
You've been challenging yourself more often.
You really want to start driving soon.
You need your own car to do that though..
You have never had a job.
You feel like a burden.
You stay home often.
You value your alone time.
You have to wear headphones everytime you leave the house.
Music is almost always playing.
You have bad sensory issues.
You are a very picky eater.
You've been a vegetarian for years now.
You almost always have a blanket on you or around you.
You love comfort items so much and appreciate them dearly as gifts.
You quit lighting candles since you found out how harmful they are and are very sad about it.
You don't like to wear socks or shoes unless needed because they make you super uncomfortable.
You wear leggings as pants 80% of the time.
Clothes are nearly impossible to find for your body type.
You wear baggy clothes most of the time.
Long sleeves > short sleeves.
You have several severe allergies.
You break out in hives often.
Your outside allergies have started to get bad again.
You can't be outside long without having an allergic reaction.
Allergy medication is your best friend during the spring/summer mostly.
You drink way too much coffee.
Chamomile and matcha are your favorite teas.
Your skin is very sensitive.
You have blepharitis.
You can't wear make up even though you like it.
You have 0 tattoos and piercings.
You want some though.
You nap daily and feel awful without one.
You're very quiet and introverted.
You have 0 friends in real life.
You enjoy dancing around the house.
Your favorite genre of music is rock. also, pop.
Vanilla is your favorite scent.
You have exercise equipment you use daily.
You have issues getting into movies and tv shows.
You like to stick with what you know and enjoy.
You rarely make your bed.
You prefer low lighting.
You mostly just sit in the dark.
You're married.
Your favorite food is pizza currently.
You feel like you eat too much yet not enough of what you need.
You don't drink alcohol at all.
You used to vape but quit.
You have no desire to smoke.
You're in therapy and feel it's actually helping.
You prefer cold weather to hot.
You love
You wish you could spend more time outdoors.
You like gardening.
You have no talents that you are aware of.
You have a complicated relationship with your family.
You're closest to your grandmother.
You have 1 sibling.
You're an aunt.
You spend too much time staring at a screen.
You use pinterest the most of any social media platform.
You still use facebook and love it.
You rarely take selfies.
You are working on being more confident.
You wish you lived somewhere else.
You hate injustice.
You are politically left.
You do not like your country or states current leaders.
You live in the USA.
You prefer country living over city life.
You love animals so much and advocate for them strongly.
You think most bugs are cute and like them.
There are 0 animals you would not pet.
You wish you had more money so you can help people and animals more.
You'd have many pets if possible.
You're still trying to find who you are but are content with who you're becoming regardless of the obstacles.