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Author: emilly
Created: March 21, 2004
Taken: 517 times
Rated: G

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Favorite Things

Created by emilly and taken 517 times on Bzoink
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~Basic Stuff~
favorite color:
favorite animal:
favorite book:
favorite season:
favorite celebrity:
favorite month:
favorite subject:
favorite sitcom:
favorite reality show:
favorite hidden camera show:
favorite game show:
favorite channel:
favorite T.V. actor:
favorite T.V. actress:
favorite movie ever:
favorite type of movie:
favorite movie actor:
favorite movie actress:
favorite trilogy:
favorite scary movie:
favorite funny movie:
favorite action movie:
favorite fantasy movie:
favorite drama movie:
favorite song:
favorite video:
favorite male singer:
favorite female singer:
favorite band:
favorite rapper:
favorite boyband:
favorite cd:
favorite radio station:
favorite genre of music:
favorite food ever:
favorite candy:
favorite chips:
favorite ice cream brand:
favorite ice cream flavor:
favorite pizza topping:
favorite sandwich:
favorite fast food place:
favorite restaurant:
favorite fruit:
favorite vegetable:
favorite gum:
favorite breakfast:
~Other Stuff~
favorite number:
favorite video game:
favorite board game:
favorite card game:
favorite website:
favorite computer game:
favorite mtv vj:
favorite person:
favorite breed of dogs:
favorite breed of cats:
favorite search engine:
favorite brand of clothes:
favorite store:
favorite brand of toilet paper:
favorite brand of tissue:
favorite brand of makeup:
favorite brand of shampoo:
favorite brand or razors:
favorite brand of soap:
favorite brand of bottled water:
favorite brand of shoes: