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Author: dandelionandburdock
Created: August 27, 2005
Taken: 21,483 times
Rated: G

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How Well Do You Know Your Best Friend?

Created by dandelionandburdock and taken 21483 times on Bzoink
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what is your best friend's full name?
where was he/she born?
where does he/she currently live?
who does he/she live with?
how many pets do they have?
what are the names of all of their pets?
how many vehicles does their family own?
when is his/her birthday?
what colour are his/her eyes?
what colour is his/her hair?
how tall is your best friend?
how old is he/she?
how many bedrooms is in their house?
About Your Relationship
how well do you think you know your best friend, from 0 to 10?
what's the best moment you've had with him/her?
when did you meet?
how long have you known him/her?
how long have you been best friends with him/her?
how much time do you spend with him/her weekly?
do you have a song that reminds you of your best friend?
do you keep secrets from each other?
can you be completely honest with him/her?
Their Life
what was your best friend's happiest moment?
what was your best friend's saddest moment?
what job does he/she have?
is your best friend married, or does he/she want to be?
Does your best friend have children, or does he/she want them?
what vehicle does your best friend have?
what is their house like?
what does he/she most want to do for a job?
where would he/she most like to visit in the world?
what is their dream car?
what do they most want in the world?
if you could give your best friend anything in the world, what would it be?
Their Interests, Hobbies, Likes and Dislikes
what is their favourite food?
what is his/her favourite colour?
what is his/her favourite animal?
what is his/her celebrity crush?
what is their favourite way to spend a day?
name a few things your best friends dislikes.
what is/was their favourite school subject?
what is his/her favourite TV programme?
what is his/her favourite movie?
what is his/her favourite music?
name one of your best friend's favourite musical artists.
name one of your best friend's favourite songs.