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Author: frozenidentity
Created: December 17, 2005
Taken: 52 times
Rated: G

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Non Basic Survey...PART DEUX!

Created by frozenidentity and taken 52 times on Bzoink
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Are You Ready?
What color is your alarm clock?
Do you care about political correctness?
Is cheerleading REALLY a sport?
Do you ever knock on wood?
Do you say fish or fishes?
Ever had squirrel stew?
Penguins or polar bears?
Why didn't Sleeping Beauty age during those 100 years?
Why do we call all Hispanic people Mexicans?
Have you ever taken a fast food tray, sat on it, and slid down the slide?
Yeah, that's F-U-N!
Patrick or Squidward?
Draco/Ginny or Remus/Sirius?
Is it really ALL inside JC Penney?
What does LB stand for?
WRONG! (unless you're Kim or Jeremy)
Have you ever gotten a wart from a frog peeing on you?
....Or is it a toad that's supposed to do that?
Do you pick up the phone even when it says "Unknown Number"?
Is THE GREAT GATSBY really that great?
What's the point of shutters?
....That's what I thought, too.
Do quizzes ever make you reconsider yourself?
What does the word "poop" mean to you?
People Order Our Patties?
Clemson or USC?
Can you be a square if you don't have four 90 degree angles?