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Author: alwayskrysten
Created: May 2, 2006
Taken: 1,970 times
Rated: G

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Random Song Survey of Musicalness!!! Yay!!!

Created by alwayskrysten and taken 1970 times on Bzoink
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If you have an ipod/mp3 player,put it on shuffle.(Or name 15 random songs.)
1st song
2nd song
3rd song
4th song
5th song
6th song
7th song
8th song
9th song
10th song
11th song
12th song
13th song
14th song
15th song
Why do you like the 1st song?
Who does the 2nd song remind you of?
Name your favorite lyric from the 3rd song.
Do you have any special memories attached to the 4th song?
Do you relate personally to the 5th song?
Does/would your grandmother like the 6th song?
What did you think when you first heard the 7th song?
What color does the 8th song remind you of?
What is the 9th song about?
Does the 10th song get stuck in your head easily?
Could you play the 11th song for a toddler and not feel guilty?
Is the singer of the 12th song hot?
What part of your life does the 13th song describe best?
Does the 14th song have a cool video?
How old is the 15th song?
Don't worry, there's just a few more.....
Which of these is your favorite?
Your least favorite?
Have any of these made you cry? Which ones? (Be honest. It's ok, trust me.)
Which is the most personal for you?
Did you like this survey?
If you didn't, oh well. If ya did, thanks and bye!