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Author: xxsummerbchgirlxx
Created: May 27, 2006
Taken: 197 times
Rated: PG

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The Best and Longest This or That Survey!!

Created by xxsummerbchgirlxx and taken 197 times on Bzoink
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iced tea or milk?
hamburger or hot dog?
fries or onion rings?
mountain dew or sprite?
coke or pepsi?
steak or lobster?
eat out or at home?
chicken wings or just chicken?
noodles with butter or alfredo sauce?
fish or meat?
blackberry or raspberry?
kiwi or grapefruit?
corn or spinach?
lettuce or celery?
erin or emily?
candice or candy?
rhianna or rhianna?
brenda or barbara?
kristen or kelly?
danielle or nevada?
ashley or raven?
zac or drake?
daniel or ronald?
tim or tom?
bob or robert?
billy or adam?
dylan or cody?
cole or zack?
kelly clarkson or JoJo?
raven symone or anneliese van der pol?
zac efron or adam brody?
chad m. murray or jesse mccartney?
drake bell or josh peck?
billie joe or joel?
mary kate or ashley?
paris hilton or nicole richie?
lindsay lohan or hilary duff?
dylan or cole sprouse?
ashley tisdale or vanessa ann hudgens?
zac efron or corbin bleu?
daniel radcliffe or rupert grint?
tom felton or cedric diggoryy?
rock or rap?
country or rap?
metal or slow jazz?
screamo or emo?
metal or emo?
hardcore or the blues?
the notebook or a walk to remember?
harry potter or the lord of the rings?
high school musical or sky high?
sci fi or horror?
horror or comedy?
action or comedy?
family or gorey horror?
shorts or jeans?
long sleeve or short sleeve?
tank top or sweatshirt?
jeans or sweatpants?
long jeans or capris?
abercrombie or hollister?
hot topic or a&e?
hoodie or sweatshirt?
a skate shop or surf shop?
party store or halloween store?
tiffany's or kay?
dooney and bourke or macy's?
book store or coffee shop?
pink or red?
purple or green?
black or white?
black or pink?
blue or green?
white or yellow?
olive green or sky blue?
brown or pink?
silver or gray?
navy or red?
light brown or dark red?
orange or blue?
indigo or light pink?
light pink or dark dark yellow?
Randommmm Finish.
cat or dog?
bird or fish?
pen or pencil?
your door open or closed?
computer or tv.
love or lust?
gum or mint
bye byesss. hope u enjoyed =]