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About This Survey

Author: pinksparkles032
Created: June 3, 2006
Taken: 78 times
Rated: G

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THE MySpace Survey

Created by pinksparkles032 and taken 78 times on Bzoink
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First Things First
How Old Are You?
Where You Live:
Their Names:
Do You Have Any Pets?
All-Time Favorites
Candy Bar:
T.V. Show:
Entertainment Icon:
Singer / Rapper:
Theme Park:
Place to Hang Out:
Which You Rather
Chocolate / Vanilla:
Coffee / Cappucino:
Hot Chocolate / Iced Tea:
Beach / City:
East Coast / West Coast:
Black / White:
Hot / Cold:
Rain / Shine:
Hard Rock / Rap:
Country / Techno:
Baseball / Basketball:
Pool / Ocean:
Cologne / Body Spray:
Sweatpants / Snazzy Jeans:
Restaurant / Fast Food:
Last Person You..
Talked to:
Said "Good-bye" to:
Hung out with:
Went to the movies with:
Went shopping with:
Saw you cry:
Laughed with:
Commented you on MySpace:
Your Friends
Closest friend:
Openest friend:
Best friend of the same sex:
Best friend of the opposite sex:
Funniest friend:
Most creative friend:
Most likely to succeed in life:
Prettiest friend:
Craziest friend:
Coolest friend:
The one you'll do anything for:
Best-dressed friend:
Biggest brown-nosing friend:
Friend with the most goals:
Most athletic friend:
Dumbest friend:
Smartest friend:
Richest friend:
Let's Get Personal
First Crush:
How old were you?
Most recent crush:
Do you have a boyfriend / girlfriend?
How long have you been together?
Longest relationship:
Shortest relationship:
Ever told anyone outside your family that you love them?
Ever been kissed?
Girls, do you let your b/f see you without make-up?
Guys, do you still like her without her make-up?
Been dumped?
Dumped someone?
Think you'll ever get hitched?
Random Questions
Believe in God?
Like to stay in shape?
Do you love life?
Get along with people?
Are you claustrophobic?
Are you anything-phobic?
Have a cell phone?
An iPod?
A computer?
A lap top?
Fill in the Blank
I wish I could:
I wish I was:
I love to:
I don't like:
I'm scared of:
My dream is to: