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Author: godinlgx7
Created: September 1, 2006
Taken: 24 times
Rated: G

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have u ever...(andy style)

Created by godinlgx7 and taken 24 times on Bzoink
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have u ever eaten a chimichanga?
have u been to waffle house?
how many times have you been to waffle house in one day?
have u ever had waffle house pie?
have u ever met kenny g?
do u like bluegrass music?
Do u own a pair of chacos?
Canada or Taco bell?
banjos or banjitars?
golf or fishing?
cheerleaders or buzz lightyear pillows?
chinese food or mexican food?
fortune cookies or pineapple?
communists or santa clause?
penguins or electric guitars?
favorite women's rights joke
do they speak canadian in canada?
favorite person
least favorite president on a peice of money
triangles or poka dots?
hairy toes or ice cream?
myspace or catching butterflies?
Why am I so fat??
cats or carpet?
pinecone eating or running?
cooking or not eating at all?
orange soda or tree bark?
banks or gas stations?
coffee or rap (stupid and pointless) music?
chris farley or pork tenderloin?
Is the goose soft?
video games or tissue paper?
Taking random surveys like this can make u not more smarter.
I like that not much!
swiss military or french fries?
lettuce or styrafome cups?
socks and sandals or wal mart?
bruce lee or jet li?
leaves or chewbaka?
granola bars or bricks?
old trees or hallmark cards?
You really wasted your time taking this quiz. ITS NOT OVER YET!
going to bed or eating?