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Author: xxshadesofblack
Created: October 3, 2004
Taken: 179,553 times
Rated: G

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130 Things People Want To Know About You

Created by xxshadesofblack and taken 179553 times on Bzoink
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.: The Basics :.
Hair color?
Eye color?
shoe size?
.: Favourites :.
music style
music artist/band
tv show
thing to do
ice cream
computer game
board game
.: Friendship :.
who's your best friend?
other close buddies...?
last friend you hung out with
last friend you hugged
last friend you saw a movie with
last friend's house you went to
any friends you cant stand?
any friends you've regretted becoming friends with?
if so, who?
do you have a lot of friends of the opposite sex?
most annoying friend?
most preppy friend?
darkest friend?
hyper-est friend?
nicest friend?
funniest friend?
meanest friend?
most outgoing friend?
shyest friend?
hottest friend?
friend with the best personality?
friend with the best music taste?
friend who sings the best?
friend who laughs the most?
friend you enjoy being around the most?
friend who your parents love?
friend who your parents hate?
friend your parents don't know about?
.: Romance :.
got a crush/boyfriend?
if so, what gender?
how far have you gone?
with who?
the last person you kissed:
the last person you hugged:
the last person you wanted to kiss:
how far you do want to go (at this point in life)?
hottest friend?
hottest celebrity?
if you could date any famous person, who would it be?
dream date:
dream honeymoon:
age you want to get married (if not already)
number of kids you want to have (if not already)
would you rather your boyfriend/girlfriend be gay or bi?
.: This or That :.
Kerry or Bush
rap or rock
pop or country
movie or tv show
girl or guy
fire or water
death or life
cheerleader or punk
prep or jock
kroger or publix
walmart or target
avril or jay-z
pink or black
cheez it or cheese nip
cat or dog
tape or glue
msn or aim
mall or movies
writing or typing
phone or computer
baseball or football
p.e. or health
high school or middle school
dunkin donuts or starbucks
amc or united artists
walgreens or CVS
brownies or cookies
reading or writing
surveys or polls
livejournal or xanga
Yellowcard or Ashlee Simpson
AFI or Jojo
Green Day or Beastie Boys
kill or be killed
eat or be eaten
hate or be hated
ocean or pool
singing or dancing
heart or peace sign
halloween or christmas
question or answer
fear factor or the o.c.
the simpsons or who's line is it anyway?
Disney or The N
pancakes or waffles
strawberrys or blueberrys
yogurt or frozen yogurt
kiss or hug
guitar or drums