About Bzoink

Bzoink is awesommmeee. We can leave it at that, see ya! Ohhh, just kidding (kind of). Bzoink is the ORIGINAL fun survey site for surveys to put in your livejournal, xanga, and later once it came along, myspace. You can put our surveys ANYWHERE. We also have quizzes, polls, and stories.

Bzoink was created in October 2003 as an online survey archive that could be added to by anyone. It was started as a service under the parent company name of Hypodermic Media founded by Andrew Gunneson also in October 2003, just days earlier. Bzoink has since grown past the stage of offering only surveys and is now a complete online community with hundreds of thousands of members. In 2008, Hypodermic Media was dissolved and Bzoink, LLC took its place.

We're a fun site, and a fun company. We value our friendships we have with each other and the friendships we build with the members of our sites. We strive to be family friendly, and hope you'll share this view as you use Bzoink. We want to bring people together with their similarities, not tear them apart with differences. However, we embrace differences and desire to share an open mindset with the world and encourage communication and understanding.

We want you to always have fun while using our site. So go. NOW!

The Bzoink Team

Andrew Gunneson - Age 30
Cedar Springs, Michigan

  • Web Designer
  • PHP/mySQL
  • Janitor
  • Owner